Friday night thread

i’ll be staying coughing and counting my pennies. what you up to this eve?

Currently making butternut squash soup and listening to a Spotify playlist of 90s R&B, but I’ve just remembered that there’s a DiS version that is probably way better so I’ll have a look for that now

Last night in Amsterdam, so gonna be lots of food, booze and weed :slight_smile:


Leaving work in a mo, will check in on you lot in a bit :slight_smile:

Gonna breakout a headband to wear tonight


I am in rural Styria until tomorrow morning. There is nothing to do. I exhausted the amount of things to do earlier with a co-worker when we had a pumpkin-oil heavy meal at a local restaurant, looked in a charity shop, and went to the supermarket.

Started reading this- it’s pretty good. I guess I will continue tonight.

Doing some sight-seeing in Graz tomorrow, and then I’m in Vienna from Sunday to Friday. At last, stuff to do!

Going to be making many many pizzas in a minute:

And watching this:

Last day in this office. Going to a piano bar for drinks this evening. Lots of meetings between now and then.

Were they selling any of this at the supermarket?


No but I saw this beaut in the charity shop:


He’s back! In book form!



Rainer Büttner is clearly a German man invented for the Simpsons.

oh here it is

Tinnies and writing a job application. Might go out later on.

There’s a pizza in the fridge but I don’t think I can eat it after reading that thread. Beans on toast might be the answer instead.

I’m going to eat some chips and sort out my packing. Currently drinking a grolsch, not very nice really is it?

Canteen person at work said I’ve lost weight, never know how to respond to that ‘cheers so you’re saying I was fat’, pretty sure I’m fatter than ever, but maybe my increasingly unkempt facial hair makes my face look smaller in comparison

Just ordered pizza, whilst perusing the side options I came across this -

and it read it as “The Mighty Mighty Meatballs” @shucks I don’t even know what the thing is with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones but you’ve managed to slip it in there.

ANYWAY, pizza, beer, film. Maybe a cheeky watch of Dinner Date before the food gets here, Hello Friday!

@stupidsexyflanders I ended up ordering exactly the pizza you described :thumbsup: excellent prediction.


The green leaf makes it look like the meatball is wearing sunglasses! I’ll be impressed if they’re as mighty as advertised.

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Just texting some guy.