Friday night thread

I am in bed watching a shit vampire film
Going to have an expensive beer in a bit


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And which shit vampire film might that be?

started watching westworld
like robots but hate cowboys so it’s a mixed bag so far




Whatcha getting there wizadora?

I think it’s called 30 days of night

It’s vampires in Alaska and josh hart nett and Melissa George are in it

Where are you ssf? My mate just sent the exact same thought to me via text form!

Apparently I have to go and do some food shopping in a bit :confused:

Ah yes! I know it well, 'tis indeed a bit shit. Buuttttt Melissa George and josh Hartnett look lovely in it.

There is some very bad cgi snow in this film

I think I would have just left that out tbh

Yeah I fancy her quite a lot

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Made pizza but realised I had one small base in the freezer and forgot to get more at the shop.

Had one mini pizza and one struggle pizza made from a spare hotdog roll.

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Our house guest for the weekend has arrived and made herself comfortable.

Had spag bol with bonus garlic bread pizza for tea.

Gonna have a rum and coca cola and find something to watch on the television.


Evening. Pretty tired after band practice. Might go to a gig later, not sure though.

Still on a high after last night’s date to be honest. Not even the reek of someone else’s farts in my local right now can bring me down*.

*Citation needed.

something something with all of the MEATS then another with something something BBQ CHICKEN - I’m with two other people so its not all for me. What are you having on yours?

Think we may also be watching Green Room… Another favourite on here! Have you picked out a film?

ummm it’s like pepperoni with mushrooms and chilli I think?? I can’t actually remember exactly what it was!! We decided to go posh pizza tonight anyway so hopefully it’s good. I went with something different than usual.

We’re going to watch birdman, the bf hasn’t seen it and I haven’t seen it since I saw it at the cinema. Is it awful? I remember liking it but I’m worried…

It’s better than 30 days of night - which has not become quite boring

Evening all

Quiet night in for me watching TV and reading.
Just packed my bags for work tomorrow. I quite like packing clothes bags :confused:

Watching the U20s game whilst waiting for the washing to finish. Off to the pub thereafter.

Had pizza for tea, natch.