Friday Night Thread

Hiya. I got told I had good taste today by someone who buys dresses for a living by recommending something not hideous. It made me feel good.
Now I’m drinking rioja and thinking about going out. Maybe miss my tea, dunno.



Have work tomorrow so just staying watching telly and eating. Pretty good evening really.

Love a good Rioja. I’m in Edinburgh airport drinking a lagunitas and watching star trek. Heading home to Ireland for the weekend.

I’ve got a really sore throat. This, and the boozy weekend I had last week, might stop me drinking this weekend.

It’s Wor Lass’s birthday and we’ve got plans for brunch and dinner. Was meant to buy some GF doughnuts this afternoon but didn’t and will be doing that tomorrow.

Evenin Ruffers you splendid bastard! :grinning:
I’ve already smoked a couple of doobs with an ATD and am now having some vino in ma wee local place, feeling nice and hazy.
Pizza and more vino ahead, and maybe some more weed :blush:


Girlfriend doughnuts??!

In Skipton visiting the TVlaws. Just had fish and chips.

I believe they prefer to be called TV Licensing tbf


still at work, having a meltdown to get some stuff finished. wife’s taking me out for beers to celebrate the new job after… aww.


Congrats Eric, enjoy those beers! :beers:


It’ll all pass, then the next bit, etc etc

Evening Ruffers! Things going okay with your new job then?

Going round a mate’s place in a wee bit where he proudly wants to show me and our friends the DIY makeover that he’s given to his bathroom. He’s spent the last few months working on it sooo he’ll be wanting a pat on the back plus a round of applause for all his ‘blood, sweat and toil’. He’s promised beers and nibbles to entice us to come to this historic event. FRIDAY NIGHT!!

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It’s snowing again. Probably gonna be really wet and miserable when i leave for work tomorrow.

On the bright side, my sister is coming back from two and a half years in south america tomorrow!!! Top stuff

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Of course not! I’d have called them TV doughnuts if that was the case.

Gluten Free.

Going to get some good beers, then write some stuff. Well behind on that. Housemates want to drink loads of wine later but I’m not too hot on that idea.

Negotiated buying a Turbo Rat pedal off an acquaintance for €30 earlier on though. Never been used, still in its box. Score one for 'Geesey.

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I’m getting right into gluten free beer atm, sometimes purchase it out of choice

I got some beers in on the way home. Just did an online food shop, ordered a Chinese for pick up (its only a 5 minute walk).

Just off to pick it up, and then drink beer and watch Green Room.

I love how if I widen my eyes at my cat she widens them back at me

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At a quiz with just me, my kids and another kid in a team…Loads of others have four or five adults. Fair to say we won’t win

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This is the interval btw, I’m not cheating