Friday Night Thread


I bet you will (win, not cheat)


Pray for @AllOfThemWitches


I am encouraged by your confidence in me. I knew Dr No was the first James Bond film from somewhere far back in my brain, think I peaked there tbh…:rofl:


Apparently slowly closing ypur etes/blinking at a cat is basically equivalent to saying “i love you” or something. Interesting that you and your cat are doing the opposite of that


Yeah I read that too ages ago, do it all the time to any cats I have. Also when I say ICHI in a really high pitched voice she meows back :smile_cat:
(Her name is Ichi)




Just won a prize in the raffle, table full of wine and R chooses a Harry Potter sticker book.




once when i was a child i went for a sponge


Hate to say this to you man but you’re meant to keep washing into adulthood


We’ve won again, wine is all gone. Got a scented candle now…

Think everyone has won something to be honest, LOT of prizes.


HAHA, this took me ages to get! I was thinking “Is he just rubbing his amazing meal in my face?”

Enjoy devouring my witchy sole!


let’s boogie


If you haven’t seen Green Room before you have to post in the film thread about whether you think Patrick Stewart is shit or not. It’s a must.




Got home from work, ordered a pizza, went to sleep, and got woken up by the pizza being delivered.

I think I’ve found my new Friday night ritual.


what if you sleep through the delivery attempt? you could be playing a dangerous game there eppo


spent aaaaaages creating a new character on skyrim and accidentally called her Prisone. damn you, R2 button. damn you to hell.


Laying in the dark with a headache wondering how I’m going to get dinner