Friday night thread*


how are we all doing, then?

(*i think we should still separate the daily threads tbh)


I’m well stressed today mate, sorry!


bam, we’re all here for you if you want a chat


I am in bed, knackered but too weird to go to sleep, listening to terrible old dictaphone recordings of an old band of mine.
Had a really nice second date yesterday and having already texted saying it was a really nice night and enjoy what they’re doing tonight etc blah, don’t want to pester them further, but actually really want to pester them. Hnnngh.

Edit: Also my throat hurts from too many straight cigarettes last night because I am a delicate flower.


I’m quite sleepy. Just survived a wasp siege (see daytime thread). It’s been a long week


just about to have a shower and go to a party. dont have any booze so gonna have to get rank night shop red wine


Sitting with one of my all time dogs, smokin weed, drinkin wine and listening to Dylan bootlegs.
Happy here


Hiya. I’m in bed. Going to a house party later if I can be arsed. I want to go just so I can wear green lipstick tbh.


Green lipstick?!


just one of those days. Woke up late for work for the first time in years so sprinted in. Didn’t make any lunch so haven’t eaten until just now.

Then I find out they’re moving my mum to a different ward that’s going to have a lot of younger people on it with more I dunno the term really but “challenging” mental health problems which has upset her.

Then just dealing with lazy people at work has annoyed me.

Lastly I have felt some deep pangs of loneliness lately. Especially bad on a Friday when you think of all the people you used to know and how they are probably enjoying life etc.

Oh well, life goes on, time to try and smile!


chances are they’ll probably have a shit night man. console yourself with that


yeah. idk which one though. turns out I have 2. or I might wear this




well if I can’t be, they may as well be happy


@Tilly what’s the formula of the rtw tars like? have tried a bit of the ones in the tube and it was ridiculously pigmented.

@Ruffers don’t know of anyone who doesn’t call them ‘occ’ because it’s just a completely ridiculous name, obviously.
in general, there are some genuinely sketchy stuff going on in the beauty industry, really hard to find ethical companies. so much drama atm.


sorry to hear you had a bad day :frowning2:
also, hope there’s an upside to the ward move and that it isn’t too stressful etc. surely they’re doing it for a reason - will she get better suited treatment?


the whole of my lower right gum line is in fucking tatters. painful to even brush my teeth. I’ve done a few salt water rinses, which helps a bit, but the pain comes back after a while. I’m quite stressed out for one reason and another, so hopefully it’s that, as I don’t want to wake up in the morning to a pile of teeth on the pillow

no good man. no good


well they are kinda unconvincingly trying to spin it that way but I think the bottom line is she’s just a couple of years too young to be on the OAP ward so tough shit. Not ideal but nothing I can do.

Thanks for your sympathy though!


@Bamnan argh that’s frustrating, especially as it’s likely to have a negative effect on her wellbeing. genuinely hope things improve for you both!

@froglet hope it flew away and leaves you in peace and you never have to deal with a wasp ever again x

@DarwinBabe how does it fare with the stuff we get for a fiver over here? worse?

@Lo-Pan i’ve got a green lipstick too!!! (although it was £1 and i’ve never worn it out of the house)

@Ruffers and @Tilly already said hi but GL with your endeavours (date and party related)

and that’s everyone, i think


mad how you can reply to everyone at once. I’ll have to learn how that works