Friday night thread

Requisite :pizza: and :beers:

Also watching A Nightmare on Elm Street for the first time ever cos I saw it on Now TV and felt ashamed I’d never seen it.

Whatcha up to?

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Plans are afoot for a curry tonight, I’ll be popping round to Brinjals once Jimbo’s in bed.

I might even have a beer tonight too.

Eating pizza for SFPP

Might start that new Netflix horror in the house thing later, looks ok. Only got one g and t can which is just as well as I will likely be asleep by ten.

Also Hiya guntrip! X

Pizza and beer for me too. Met 29 for a pint. Gave the baby a bath and now doing sweet fa for the rest of the evening

Hey friends :slightly_smiling_face:
Met my friend for a coffee and had a wander around the literature festival- it’s so pretty!

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Oh, that didn’t work very well now did it


Where is this?

Cheltenham :slight_smile:

I’ve had pizza and am already in bed.


Been reading about scart leads, visionary future proofed French engineering that was ultimately too good for this world.

Double hollyoaks and a ready meal, bleak


Ah cool. Brave to have outdoors stuff early in October!

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Once had a cracking night in a pub called The Vine. Vinestock or something.

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They still do it I believe!

I do believe it was there that I once got hammered and threw up in the gents. Was leant over a urinal and suddenly sobered up and thought “hang on, this isn’t the ladies” haha


Pizza is in the oven.

Gonna open the beer soon.


Weather’s terrible so I’m having a quiet night in. Watching a documentary on Syria from earlier in the week. Might switch to something more cheerful after that.

It was a lively place to say the least.

We were only in the town for the weekend and had a top night in there as it was open til 4am.

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one of my bfs is going to a gig with some work friends so my other bf is coming round and we’re gonna make blueberry cake with mascarpone icing and more blueberries on top


woah let me hold some of that


In pret waiting for my GF. my feet hurt, and Ive got the shakes cos ive had about a billion coffees today already. Supposed to be going out for a bite, but im going to cheekily suggest going back home and having a contest to see who can eat the most chicken nuggets.

Still having an ol double espresso (and a salted caramel fulfill bar)

Tonight I will be power ballading with Lady Gaga. (impulse purchase of A Star is Born soundtrack).