Friday night thread

Alright. All on my lonesome this weekend cos my girlfriend has gone to Berlin.

Skived out of work at 2 to go watch Avengers. It finished like 90 minutes ago but I’m still feeling exhausted. Also it’s just so epic and and over the top, I have no idea what to watch his evening, because I’ll just feel so mundane in comparison?

:pizza: and :beers: tho.

Also have an Argos delivery coming between 19:41 and 21:41, brilliant as usual.

What’s going on DiS?

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Had a quick post-work climb, just ordered Indian, and I’m about to move all the furniture out of our bedroom in prep for tomorrow’s carpet fitting. Classic Friday…

Hey there @guntrip. Just finished up work, going to have a few beers and wait until my ATD comes and picks me up to go see Sunn O))), pretty excited. Need a night out seeing music like you read about.


At work for another 2hrs. Yay?

Gf is having friends round, so like an extremely normal person with normal needs I’ve ordered a pizza and am hiding in my room with it, and plan to eat the whole thing on my own.



I’ve been to THREE gigs this month, which is probably my highest monthly average in like four years. They were all loads of fun. Have a great night!

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As if yr normal

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Bought so much food on my way home as I was really hungry. Can’t face any if it now.

Put Up on so I can read for an hour before starting bedtime but I’ve been asked “Where’s Kevin?”, “Where’s the dog?”, “What’s that?” about 60 times so far.

Early night tonight I guess, tour tomorrow…hoping no one’s booked on it as cba in advance.

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I’ve started a rewatch of Game of Thrones, the first season is excellent.

Will watch the footers in a bit, love the footers.


Just before the end? You’re either mad or brave.

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I’ll smash through it.

Problem is it is showing the later seasons up massively. Really miss the politics and intrigue and dialogue being given room to breathe. And Varys, remember when Varys was a thing?



Might go to a gig but my GF isn’t feeling great so might stay in in solidarity. I’m 50/50 on how this could go.

I’m exhausted, last night I went to bed at 9:30 and overslept until 8 this morning. I’ve felt terrible all day.

Tonight my house mates band are playing a gig in Finsbury Park but the three other bands are Death Metal bands. I wasn’t sure I could face that but I’m too tired anyway.

Might just potter around the garden and have an early night.

Listening to the Marisa Nadler, Brodksy album, “Droneflower” . Great title by the way, really enjoying it. Aldous Harding up next I reckon.

Just drove the massive work van for the first time and didn’t crash it, absolutely chuffed with myself tbh. Need to go eat something but reeeally don’t want to bump into any colleagues in the hotel restaurant. Just wanna shove spaghetti into my mouth with zero chat, is that too much to ask? :woman_shrugging:t3:

Absolute lol at that emoji


Just been for a swim. Might have a non alcoholic beer and watch a film

hey jordan, how was the Mammoth Penguins album btw?

Had a day-before-payday tea of jacket potatoes with a tin of Heinz bolognese on top. Watching some Downton Abbey and drinking some Irn Bru. Need to pop to the shop but it’s raining so I’m putting it off.