Friday night thread

We made it. How are you?




fine actually, just tired


Alright? Had a disappointing tea of various things that needed eating. Might go out for some crisps in a bit. Gonna drink some beers and watch the wire.

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Also tired

I am devastated

Supposed to be at 65daysofstatic right now, but my car just wouldn’t fucking start. Seems like the starter motor is dead :weary:. Love to live in a country where I can’t just go on public transport because the last train back would mean I could only see half the gig at best :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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I’m only about ten minutes in but this is already one of the most 1980s movies I’ve ever seen.


Also tired here. Fancy some takeaway but we went out for lunch so Mrs CCB isn’t so keen. I’m working on it…

Already 3 big Stella bottles in. Donuts, pizza, all the garbage. Gonna watch the football and maybe get some more big stellas

Tell her I said it’s fine.


tell her Lord Nelson says ‘come onnnnnnnnn’.

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Got a pretty wild one tonight - did a big shop at 'trose and having oven fish n chips. Praying the sachet i got of curry sauce is gonna do the business. Watching the Australian version of Hunted and might drink two bottles of NA beer. Look out, world.

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will be fucking fuming, personally, if CCB doesn’t get his takeaway.


Just finished Shadow of Mordor. 3 quick time events, Black Hands slits his own throar, absolute cop out. I wanted a boss battle not some fucking cartoon!!!181372


I’ll make sure that Mrs CCB knows how much Lord Nelson wants me to be having a takeaway tonight

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worst feeling in the world:

  • takeaway ripped from under your feet at the last minute
  • something else
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Burning your mouth on the first bite of a pasty

Alright. Tired and ratty. Making a tomato and mascarpone pasta dish. Listening to some nice tunes and gonna watch the rugby in a sec. Boring

Stella have changed the can design. Looks well 70s. I like it.


Heading out on date four.