Friday night thread

never really considered putting shrooms in a cuzza. do you put them in last thing, to stop them shrinking away to nuttin?

Jaaaaaaa! My people! They’ll be amazing as usual!

yeah saw them at the start of the year and they were fantastic live, been looking forward to tonight

As mentioned in the Friday thread I am going to this film at seven o’clock. Racist Israeli football hooligans, yeah!

I might just stay in afterwards. Work haven’t called me and I don’t have enough money to go out so a night in suits me.

No idea what to wear. I need to get dressed and it’s stressing me out.

I haven’t seen them since January (the below gig), only their side projects, so I’m mad to see them again. Let us know how it goes!

Fish dress

doesn’t fit me any more :frowning:

Rolling around on my new bed. Fuck the outside.
Just want to drink candle wax and cover my hands in wine.

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Some good recommendations on xylos (is it xylos?) film combo thread

Nah just cut 'em up fairly chunky, wang 'em in, lowest heat, let it cook for as long as you can be bothered.

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We’ve got a by-election next Thursday and got home to find some UKIP leaflets through the door.
Just found out the candidate lives four doors down from me.

Straight in the bin.

Tbh a The Thing / Big Trouble / Escape from NY is feasible and tempting :sunglasses:

Man, love looks like you picked the absolute best selection :wink:

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There’s more pizza on the money/water bottle’s head.

Also some people were talking about me in a nerdy card game chat room that I assume they don’t know I’m in and it’s weirded me out.

*now. I suppose “more” works too.

Also *monkey

Fuck everything I give up

RIP epimer


Got my haircut before and now I’ve got a stupid little peahead again. Used to think I always got bad haircuts but I’ve just got a bad head.

fair do’s. enjoy!