Friday night TOTP repeats

Am I the only one to have developed a grizzly fascination with them now that I remember the era?


I used to watch these but they put them on earlier so I keep forgetting. Might wang ut on tonight

Oh its the weeks around the day I was born!

Yeah I love them, always fun to notice when they’ve skipped a week so use google to find out which wrong ‘un was on.

I bang on about this all the time but Chart Music is a great podcast (well, if you avoid Simon Price) which goes into a random episode of TOTP in intense details. Some episodes are over 5 hours long. But it’s great.


Whats up with Simon Price?

He is a member of a group I am in on Facebook and thinks he’s a proper god of music

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What year are they on? I got up to 1987 I think and then sort of forgot about them.

Think it’s 1990. Faith No More have just moved up to 37. The Wedding Present have just been on. Now Rod Stewart.


Is 90 when the WP did the 1 single a month thing? I think a few got into the lower reaches of the chart for a week.

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Enjoy The Silence! Banger!



And Come Play With Me (the May release) actually got into the top 10

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They got the band name and sing title the wrong way round for FNM

He hasn’t quite come to terms with the death of print journalism and its Lamacq levels of cringe at points.

Plus there was one episode where he was incredibly defensive about still enjoying Michael Jackson which came across very badly.

He name searches so will probably show up ITT shortly.

Oh blimey.

Quick, insult Biffy Clyro so Vennart can show up and cover this all up

Don’t know much about him but ‘Everything’ is a really good read. I am not Simon

Hi Simon!


Enjoy the mispronounciations of Depeche Mode (Depeshay Mode). We have it on series link and have about 100 episodes saved up which we binge every so often.

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That Sybil cover of Walk On By is really unpleasant. Not sure why they kept repeating it. Wedding present were deffo the highlight

Enjoyed Jet Black making a point of staring the camera out continually during the Stranglers’performance

A Halloween themed TOTP2 on tonight, may be fun

Apparently Simon Price is in the crowd of one episode but I haven’t spotted him yet. As in the people dancing behind the band.