Friday Night, We Feeling All Right? (Evening Thread)

Had to put woodchip in the food digesting composter whilst wearing my best leopard boots and new excellent dress today. Came home stinky and so now in jeans.

Still, pizza on the go, wine coming to temperature.

FRIDAY :muscle:


Hello. Very long day and now I’m very tired BUT I’m making steak & dauphinois for tea and I booked Tuesday (my Friday) off work so I can get in on the long weekend action.

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Wish I had a onesie. I feel cold and tired and can’t wait to get in bed and cuddle my pillow. Should change my sheets really. Going to dig deep to find the motivation.

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My new dress arrived and tbqf, I look cute as heck in it :blush:


Uh oh better stay indoors then. :rofl:

You seen that non-socially distanced or vaccinated rave they’re allowing to happen (deliberately as an experiment) in Liverpool? Wow

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If you aint a cop, you should be fine.

Should be.

Just shut down Teams and my email.


Was surreal watching that on the news

Evening all.

Had a Rules assessment for work this morning. Got 97.7%! Woo!

Managed to get 3 pints in during our allocated pub time and are now drinking takeaway pints in a churchyard.

Wife is picking me up from the station and we’re going the chippy for tea.


How many people?

Hundreds. Big rave in a warehouse.

Beer count: 1
Partner: out
Me: walking to the supermarket to buy a pizza and milk
Football: on

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Jealous as fuck.

Ooh chippy is a good shout there @urbanfox


Upgrade that to a rainy churchyard

Still full from pizza lunch + late afternoon snack of coffee and 2 dcdb. Will probably end up having a couple of cheese and onion rolls from the freezer later.
Going to finish this volume of Saga and then maybe play a game and listen to some music.