Friday Night


I’m great at deferring gratification: Made curry and bought beer so I could reap the seeds LoPan sowed last night.

First week of work is over. Only eleven left until Easter.

How are you?


Driive home in 20 minutes today, instead if the 4 hours it took yesterday. Normally it takes about half an hour.

Just going to have dinner and then watch The Hardsucker Proxy.


You’re a hardsucker proxy.



I had a friend coming up this weekend, plans were Hispi for food tonight, then Warhol at the Whitworth Gallery tomorrow. Unfortunately she lives in a town in Snowdonia so the weather has shot that down.

Now it’s watching the rugby with a bottle of Rioja and a pizza.


Done the dinner, probably gonna relax, feet up and find something on Netflix to fall asleep to together.

See y’all Saturday :heart:


Checks watch
Not even lunchtime here :scream:
In 6 hours I will go climbing and then play video games and that will be my Friday night.


yay an evening thread! :slight_smile:


any interest in more bam covers?


Evening Keith and all.

I want beer and curry. But it’s not to be.

Watching a crap new simpsons.

Put the flight details into skyscanner for a 3 and a bit weeks trip I’m planning next Dec/Jan and it came out 6 grand. So need to have a rethink.




Feel really ill and low - seem to have a permanent headache, fatigue and a cold nowadays. Got a pizza and going to watch Leeds v Derby.


I’m 3/4s of the way through my listen through of the Flaming Lips studion albums before I listen to their new one. Live tweeting the whole thing for some stupid reason. Another album and then I’m taking a break and buying beer.


what song?



I have a suggestion but I’m a bit pissed and I’m concerned I’ll be mocked for it… haha!!


‘You Have To Be Joking’ by the Flaming Lips?


Evening, I’m debating whether or not to leave the house to buy some cookies as I’ll have to walk. The only time I willingly exercise is when it’s to get food :sob:


Evening all. Chilling this evening and taking it easy, pretty tired.

Devo albums and a couple of beers is a good way to end the working week.


Noodles devoured and I’m going to start watching The OA


Only one and a half hour left until I can go home <3


I’ve got that downloaded to start tonight too! Just finished stranger things after a while of thinking it looked a bit boring (I was clearly missing out it was great)