Friday Night

I’m great at deferring gratification: Made curry and bought beer so I could reap the seeds LoPan sowed last night.

First week of work is over. Only eleven left until Easter.

How are you?

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Driive home in 20 minutes today, instead if the 4 hours it took yesterday. Normally it takes about half an hour.

Just going to have dinner and then watch The Hardsucker Proxy.

You’re a hardsucker proxy.

Done the dinner, probably gonna relax, feet up and find something on Netflix to fall asleep to together.

See y’all Saturday :heart:


Checks watch
Not even lunchtime here :scream:
In 6 hours I will go climbing and then play video games and that will be my Friday night.

yay an evening thread! :slight_smile:

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any interest in more bam covers?


Evening Keith and all.

I want beer and curry. But it’s not to be.

Watching a crap new simpsons.

Put the flight details into skyscanner for a 3 and a bit weeks trip I’m planning next Dec/Jan and it came out 6 grand. So need to have a rethink.


Feel really ill and low - seem to have a permanent headache, fatigue and a cold nowadays. Got a pizza and going to watch Leeds v Derby.

I’m 3/4s of the way through my listen through of the Flaming Lips studion albums before I listen to their new one. Live tweeting the whole thing for some stupid reason. Another album and then I’m taking a break and buying beer.


what song?

‘You Have To Be Joking’ by the Flaming Lips?

Evening all. Chilling this evening and taking it easy, pretty tired.

Devo albums and a couple of beers is a good way to end the working week.

Noodles devoured and I’m going to start watching The OA

Only one and a half hour left until I can go home <3

hmmm don’t really like the flaming lips

go on!

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Let’s hear it

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