Friday Night

that’s weird, I just watched that.

And just for fun

Think @Lo-Pan likes this song


Thanks, yeah it’s a lovely sweet little number.

Just having a few beers and listening to stoner rock

hi guys

Hi :slight_smile:

How was your Friday?

Love it! You’re a hero BamBam :grinning:

Aww thank you so much mate!

Maybe some Dylan next time?

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It’s a date :slight_smile:

Could probably enjoy a bit of positively whatever street

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Have you heard these guys? Whores…

That’s my favourite Dylan song…man he was so fucking cool for a while there.

Mon up to Glasgow and play a gig

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Do you think I could pull it off?

It’s too good. Actually I’m gonna home and listen to loads of Dylan

Theyre touring with Big Business soon, who are a band I would have put money on quitting about 8 years ago

Three old blokes calling their band “whores”, smfh.


:smiley: They released one of my favourite albums of 2016 - fucking boss band, they rule so hard.

AND A HOLE IN THE GROUND! That song can melt walls.

Remember that band slaves? They still around? I can’t remember a band making me so angry. I guess they won.

Jeez, I’m so far behind! I only heard them today and thought I’d mention them cos you said you are listening to stoner rock. This is like punk stoner rock.