Friday Night

I read somewhere this week that the band Orange Goblin played benefit gigs for Metal Hammer magazine after they nearly went bankrupt.

They’re still around and we’re collectively paying for their overseas promotional costs despite them being on a major label that should be paying it for them, and thereby depriving acts who might need it more imho.
And yeah obviously, that fucking name.

The name, how boring their music is, how middle class they are, what’s the point in even trying :frowning:


It’s not a good name, but they’re fucking great.

Fuck you music industry at least I made one good song!

They tick so many boxes of things I love. There’s a couple of tracks on Gold that sound very Down I Go, then they go pure noise-punk and proper dirty sludge rock, it’s wonderful. Seeing them in April with Big Business as @TKC pointed out. Can’t wait.

Shit cunts with shit songs.

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Yip, noticed that they are playing in Glasgow.

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I just realised now that I’m going to be unemployed I can grow back my moustache :smiley:


Go see 'em. Riiff-overload.

hiya :slight_smile:

i’m just having a cup of tea and trying to take it easy tonight. i know i moan about being in pain all of the time on here but it can make actually having a life exhausting so i have to structure downtime in so i can actually achieve stuff around it.

so many things i want to do and make though :weary:

hope your friday has been enjoyable!


any chronic condition must be awfully tough, it’s hard seeing my mum suffer from constant anxiety but pain all the time must be equally as bad. I imagine it’s very isolating and upsetting to see people having fun n’ stuff too. Man I feel bad for you :frowning:

Yeah guess mine has been ok, it’s like a weight has been lifted now I am leaving work. I don’t know what to expect but I can try to make music a lot more frequently, sort the house which is a shithole and be a better carer/support for my mum. Money doesn’t matter too much for now will just have to deal with the lack of pizza/beer is all.

anyone able to watch US netflix with a VPN?

Not had an awful lot to add to the above. But you’re a lovely bunch, you DiSers.

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reckon you’re probably the nicest diser/diser with the best temperament. Literally never heard you say a bad word about anyone

got some garlic bread in the oven mmmmmm

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Looking forward to catching up with you in Feb mate, been too long! :slight_smile:

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Fifteen quid though! I really enjoyed last time I saw them but it was eight quid in Trillian’s in Newcastle.

@jazzballet oh my those first two episodes!! :open_mouth:

One more EP to go and then I get to listen to the new Flaming Lips album. Fuck yeah!