Friday Night

Burritos soon. What you doing?

  • Going out (it’ll be alright)
  • Staying in (it’ll be awful out!!!)

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Evening eric,
I’m having a couple in ma wee local before heading up the road for wine, weed and pizza :grinning::wine_glass::pizza:


I’m in Glasgow :+1::+1::+1: forgot how :-1::-1::-1: the weather is here


Aye it’s pure pish. Taps on

Does one ever really forget?

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Ate mince and dumplings.

I will be watching a film called Rams which is Icelandic.

Could quite fancy nipping out for some booze.

wow cool 70s serial killer playmobil


nothing to do feeling pretty awful

Me either.

I’m drinking beer and watching the 2nd series of Luther.

Pizza for dinner.
Beer for in a bit.
Not sure what to do besides.


Fri - pish
Sat - pish
Sun - pish

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Think it’s one of those things you kinda blank out - a bit like childbirth.

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Right through til next Friday.

fuck it all I’m going to the shop to get beer!

My forecast says this:

Guess which day I go home.

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Well I did a (silent) fart that was so awful that my gf physically recoiled on walking into the dropzone and almost fell over. So I’m pretty sure the evening’s already peaked.


Classic Epimer :+1::grinning:

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someone tell me I’m good looking, my ego is fragile