Friday Night

Let’s get it started fridayers! Wooooo

Cheers! :beers:

What yas up to?


Drinking a can of shit lager, reading the paper. Heading to see a friend play a gig at half six.

Still in the office. Meeting Jem and Browny at 7:30 but it only takes me 38 minutes to get there so don’t know what to do :man_shrugging:

Cheers !

Just put the oven on to make fish n chips (all I’ve got in and I can’t be bothered to go to the shop). Listening to Rated R, looking forward to watching the tdf highlights at 7


Not sure what to do tonight. Might go out for #beers

You been to Mildred’s before ezzer? Heading to the one at Kings X tomorrow, looks pretty nang.

fuck it I might buy a beer this evening!

what’s the right length for an album?

…asking for a friend.

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Yeah it’s ace. Never been king’s x but went to the camden one since they expanded and it was real good. Burrito :+1:

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oh yeah btw, you have unbelievably good skin!

Are you signing all your posts off with ‘burrito’ now? Safe, looks proper good. Hope I don’t turn vegan afterwards lol roflmao.


Anywhere between thirty five and forty five minutes.

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I’m having too many different feelings about this

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ah perfect, might hit that sweet spot this time.

That looks like a…

Whatcha drinking Eric?


:joy: :joy: :joy:
Burrito :+1:


5am saint coz i’m #punkasfuck


@ericthefourth That’s the biggest pint in the world!!!

Picked up a bottle of cava and put it back down again. Bought myself some robinsons instead :sob:

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yeah but can your cat drink it?

Me??? I think my phone must have some skin-smoothing setting coz it really aint that good and people keep saying it!