Friday Night


Let’s get it started fridayers! Wooooo

Cheers! :beers:

What yas up to?


Drinking a can of shit lager, reading the paper. Heading to see a friend play a gig at half six.


Still in the office. Meeting Jem and Browny at 7:30 but it only takes me 38 minutes to get there so don’t know what to do :man_shrugging:


Cheers !

Just put the oven on to make fish n chips (all I’ve got in and I can’t be bothered to go to the shop). Listening to Rated R, looking forward to watching the tdf highlights at 7


Not sure what to do tonight. Might go out for #beers


You been to Mildred’s before ezzer? Heading to the one at Kings X tomorrow, looks pretty nang.


fuck it I might buy a beer this evening!


what’s the right length for an album?

…asking for a friend.


Yeah it’s ace. Never been king’s x but went to the camden one since they expanded and it was real good. Burrito :+1:


oh yeah btw, you have unbelievably good skin!


Alright? Wine for cats innit


Are you signing all your posts off with ‘burrito’ now? Safe, looks proper good. Hope I don’t turn vegan afterwards lol roflmao.


Anywhere between thirty five and forty five minutes.


I’m having too many different feelings about this


ah perfect, might hit that sweet spot this time.


That looks like a…

Whatcha drinking Eric?


:joy: :joy: :joy:
Burrito :+1:


5am saint coz i’m #punkasfuck


@ericthefourth That’s the biggest pint in the world!!!

Picked up a bottle of cava and put it back down again. Bought myself some robinsons instead :sob:


bought a bottle of wine cause it had a monkey on it