Friday night?


:wave: Hey Bam, how goes it?

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Evening @Bamnan and @Witches

Had some pizza, beer and popcorn with my housemate. Could sink a few more pints but gonna resist because I’ve got shit to do tomorrow like.

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Yeah, I’m refraining from draining an entire bottle of wine :confused: I think I’m meant to be sharing it but how do you stop at just half a bottle? HOW?

Just when you think the world is a dark place, mother nature does this and makes you realise that everything is beautiful…


Top photos! Where is this?

This is why I don’t tend to buy wine! Alas

Vieux Boucau Les Bains in south west France. This was 2 hours ago.
I’ve been cycling the entire length of France for the past 12 days.

Just drain the bottle in a oner. You know you want to.

I’m so sleepy :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Evening team, I’m listening to the new Brand New album and having a few cheeky tinnies.

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Aah, I’m trying to do a bit of work… sooooo yeah, I might in a mo :wink:

hey witchers!

Can you tell me I shouldn’t eat snacks tonight so I get thinner please?


Don’t eat snacks BAM! Have a cup of tea instead… or some fruit? 'ave a banana!!

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Well I have a banana everyday for breakfast but good suggestion nonetheless!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m super stoned and listeign to dylan


typical Friday night eh? :wink:

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Yeah, it’s fucking great. Love my Friday nights


awww she/he looks so sad :frowning:

Work at 10pm on a Friday? Ridiculous