Friday night?

gosh humans are so fucking weird!

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The pizza place had stopped taking orders which I’m well annoyed about.

So I’ve had to order a veggie haggis burrito haven’t I.

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this is a little early for greasy pizza to close isn’t it?

Is a wanky vegetarian/vegan place. Knew they closed at half 10. And left the pub to order but they must stop taking orders at quarter to or something :frowning:

Might get well rare tonight. :beers:


fuck I’m going to eat snacks :frowning:

hate myself

Nah food is the best.

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don’t think it will get me a girlfriend though

You might meet the woman of your dreams, both reaching for the last pack of jaffa cakes.


Dude, you’re a catch.

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Can dogs and cats tell when you smile at them? hope so
Keep doing it instinctively

Bless! Someone catch me please? :frowning:

*choco leibniz

Quite pished. Just got out of band practice and have an angry text from the tv coz i washed some stuff together that wasnt supposed to be. Ruh roh. Guess i’ll stay up playing video games and maybe do some packing. Moving tomorrow and i’ve done nowhere near enough eeeek

Stop copying me, I’m quite pished and moving tomorrow.

Tom waits

For no man?

sToP cOpYiNg Me, I’m QuItE pIsHeD aNd MoViNg ToMoRrOw

And I just ate a burrito. Which Im pretty sure you will have just done too.

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