Friday Night


supposed to be going out in Brixton with some old work pals but SERIOUSLY cba (as per). listening to some Sylvester to try and get me in the mood.

bit fed up with being a lame loser tbh.

Nevermind, will just drink it away x

packing is awful and i need a serious injection of motivation. I’m doing it alone cos my girlfriend isn’t here and it’s fucking terrible i hate it.

doing the cleaning afterwards is gonna be even worse

England Match Innit!


(Isn’t it?)

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I have work tomorrow so cannot boogie down but i am going for a burrito then a gig.

Off to Dis favourite (or used to be?) Straivigin

s’alright, you can do it! :slight_smile: x

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gonna go home and have some wine and a curry. there’s talk of going out, not sure if I can be cba

Totes getting a pizza tonight

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good luck with your pizza!

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also getting a pizza.

planning on watching a 4 hour french film as tonight is the last night my flatmates are away and what better way to celebrate

Going for a 💇 shortly.

Then need to prep for :mountain_biking_woman: tomorrow.

Chilling as I’ve got a friend visiting tomorrow (and bringing his dog!)

Going to make a pizzer - will provide photo evidence if successful :v:t2:

My best bud’s just given in his masters so going to go celebrate with him :thumbsup:
Never, ever spoken to former co-workers after leaving, mind blown

Just doing the final checks on the mix for an album that I feel like I’ve been working on since the beginning of time. I’m at the point where I can’t tell if what I’m doing is making it better or worse, so I figure it’s probably time to admit it’s finished.

Also drinking some of them fancy “beers” what people drink these days.

Making some :fish: :taco: and drinking some :beers: Will probably watch the :soccer:, on :mute:, on a :computer: because of :bride_with_veil::man_in_tuxedo:

Getting the train back to Sheffield with two bags and a bike in tow. Hoping it’s not too busy as I can’t be doing with the faff.

Gonna get a burrito and several beers on the way home, though. Number of Burritos and Beers will depend on how much of an ordeal this journey is :tired_face:

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Going to last band practice :grimacing: not even gonna drink coz gotta get to bed to be up at 7 tomorrow :grimacing: :grimacing: does this even count as a friday night?

Jeanne dielman?


Yeah but that doesn’t really narrow anything down by itself does it?