Friday night!


Much planned for the evening? I’m going to eat curry with Mrs CCB, and maybe watch a film. Not sure what film, though.

Anyway, enough about me. What about you? Regale me, DiS!

Home alone which is a bit woohooo if I’m honest. Shame I only have four friends and they’re busy. Owt on in town glasgow disers? Don’t worry you don’t have to come with me

I am going for a curry with my parents and my mum’s best mate and her husband. They are generally nice, fun people but can also lapse into Full Brexit cunners… basically gonna be human roulette. Really hope they start complaining about their son’s left-wing views again :smiley:

Just been sliding into people’s DMs. Gonna catch up on GBBO and sleep for ages when I get home.

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Did some work on a tune today: that was good.

Just had a stir fry: that was good.

University poshos didn’t win eggheads: that was good.

Tallking to you greats: that is good!

Le Samourai is on at GFT at one point this weekend but it might have started already.

Aren’t Partick playing Rangers tonight?

Entertainment every Saturday

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Made veggie risotto. It was good.

Hopefully watch Assault on Precinct 13 or Mood Indigo tonight.

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Off to some anti-arms fair gig in the isle of dogs
then probably going out in Dalston
shoot me

Dunno what any of that is. Think the second one is something to do with shinty?

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Went to spenos to get one of those Detroit pizzas but bloody hell 1800 calories each and I realised I couldn’t get it home on my bike. Got some cookie dough bites instead, thanks @anon89873996

Doing one of those cancer research ‘mud runs’ early tomorrow morning so taking it easy tonight (I never go out on a Friday)

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Maybe go watch Victoria and Abdul on Ashton lane but the students having fun will depress me on way in and out. Anyone seen it? I listened to scroobious pip and Eddie izzard talking about it for a bit but they’re both so stupid and annoying I had to turn it off

good luck with your run! Do you have a sponsorship internet page thingie?

Got a bag full of beer and popcorn! On my way to the cinema to see Mother!

Tried to convince the bf to join me but when I tried to sell it to him as “no, it’s not scary… its just really intense and disturbing!!!” For some reason he wasn’t up for it :thinking:

Boo to this.

Thanks! I do but I’m not really advertising it as it’s more of a fun thing rather than a challenge.

An anti arms fair? Where people go to not buy weapons of mass destruction?

Just in from work and the TV is playing the new LCD album loud. Having curry (3rd time this week!) and beer and celebrating her 31st a day early.

Anybody have a decent Huevos Rancheros recipe I could nab? There’s a few online, obviously, but you guys do a job with the cooking

I’m shattered, had a frustrating week at work. Will mostly be watching tv in a zombie like state then falling asleep on the sofa

i’m too much of a screw-up to have cooked dinner and it’s too late now so i guess i have to go to fucking asda for something and i really cba

Had an exhausting week at work, but also handed my notice in and just been out for drinks with some current and former team mates who are all lovely. I’m not allowed to tell them I’m leaving yet.

Now headed home and will probably cook some halloumi and roasted veg wraps when I get home.

The type of thing I think about making and then don’t. I have many recipes bookmarked but never tested.