Friday Night


here we…
here we…
here we fucking, etc.

decided to stay in so will be eating noodles and tofu then watching masterchef final.

wbu huns? food? beer? tv? out? etc.




Going to a christening AND a wedding tomorrow so staying in with some port.


Was going to see a place to bury strangers but don’t like the venue


Which venue?




Got a Chinese takeaway and I’m going to go to bed v soon


I’m in the office waiting for Bleecker St angry fries before heading to the LCD Soundsystem recital at Alexandra Palace.




You know when you’ve been looking at the same thing for so long you can’t tell whether it’s good anymore? I feel like my whole day has been this. IRKED.

*thumps head on keyboard*



Ah man that place aint so bad


I guess watching Masterchef but I haven’t watched wednesdays so…

Might go get some cider.


Ah, I hope the baby isn’t in tears

but the cake is :sunglasses:


I guess my criteria of a good venue is proximity to restaurants I like, probably not the fairest system


about to get my flight to become a Londoner.

gonna put on so much expensive moisturiser and perfume in duty free and maybe buy a few miniatures


And a Toblerone or three presumably?


not really my thing. do you want me to get you one maybe?


I can only have them in airports :disappointed:


says who?


There’s plenty good food in camden and kentish town ya wazzock. Remember when you said there was no food in hackney central? Think you better get going to be honest.