Friday Night

I talk about this kind of thing a lot don’t I? You’ve absolutely known me this before :blush:

I’ve given up anyway, tomorrow tomorrow!! Haha.

Someone please give me a kick up the arse regarding the fact I record loads of little demo things, but am not bothering to do proper recordings of any of them or finish any of the stuff I actually am recording.

Thx, I applied for some part time jobs and wrote a bit of a short story though so that’s good

Haha i probably have. It’s something i think of coz i only tend to get rarghghgh like that when i’ve pushed something too far and made it worse when it was probably good a couple of versions ago.

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Just me, a dressing gown, coffee and a tunnock’s caramel bar


:white_check_mark: Pizza, cider, Netflix
:white_check_mark: going to pub to drink/play darts with a friend once this episode finishes
:x: American fan messaged me again and started the message with “hello gorgeous!” so I asked him not to do that because I’m uncomfortable with it.
:x: working tomorrow, bleh

Just got in from work, not via the pub or anything. Did that thing where you find something really inane to e-mail your manager about to prove you were working late.

There WILL be beer. Might make a Thai curry.

Wassup all,
Which of these rugs is the best? My housemates have nice rugs and I Want one now!




Otherwise, listening to blonde for about the 500th time

Ffs rugs didn’t work don’t have WiFi to fix it sorry sean

What yous drinking? Been rinsing this magic spells brewery lately. Not bad.

that’s a lovely colour!

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First one

Got a dark lager on the go. Poured the sediment in haven’t I. My pal brought me this glass up from the festival and it is dead good.

oof that looks like it came straight out of mordor. all the and union beers i’ve had have been great though

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correction. a SE Londoner.


watching that family cookoff thing whilst waiting for masterchef final. COMEONDEV

did my ocado shop for tomorrow…not coming until 9.30 though so not sure what we will eat until then.
Got a boost in the fridge for later WOO!

Conjured up a magnificent dinner of mexican rice, haloumi, tahini, roasted broccoli, tomato and peppers. So many cuisines on one plate, was very nice!

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i’d love it if dev won but i just can’t see it

I know but we can dream!

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Hanging with an ATD smoking weed, drinking some awesome wine and listening to some music.
Pretty fucking good :+1:

A can of Sunday is pretty good hangover beer.

Just had some burritos. Beer and watching daredevil in bed once I’ve got my son to bed.

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