Friday night!

What are you up to this evening? I am having a slightly dull night in becase of :moneybag: :no_entry_sign: and :zzz:. Might watch a movie.

HBU, pals?

Waiting for my dad and his friend to turn up. Gonna eat some lamb cobbler

Might also rein in the posting for a while :smiley:

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gonna get a nice bath in, probably listen to some more Stevie Wonder…anyone know of any other really funky 70s albums? I can’t get enough of his funky tracks!

Might shoot some nazis in Wolfenstein too if I feel like it

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nah you go wild! You can never post too much

Stuck at work late :disappointed:

Not Stevie but I’m a huge fan of Parliament’s Chocolate City album

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Here ya go!


Check out Jonny-two-laptops!


Only know that ine really famous Heriberto Hancock song, gonna check that one out :slight_smile:

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Ahaha autocorrect you cad!

Evening ssf et al. Sacked off driving up to Glasgow because of the weather and just couldn’t be bothered. Using up the food in my house so dinner will be scrambled eggs, Pringles and chocolate log. Going to catch up on Masterchef and pack for tomorrow.

Also, got like 20 profile views since I changed my avatar to bam’s picture. Not sure what you think you’re going to see, but it isn’t naked pics!


Might go out , might stay in and drink a nice rum on my sofa

do you like gil scott heron bam, he’s funky and a radical


MrS’s birthday so going out for curry and drinks.

Bit tired out but sure once we start walking down town I’ll wake up.


Currently listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas album again with R as he is quite taken with it, waiting for the rest of the family to get home for PIZZA.

After R is asleep I will either go straight to bed, or if I have energy I will file and polish the sides of some aluminium decorations I sawed the shapes out for earlier.

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Going to eat tacos and play Portal like it’s 2007. I only got it in the recent steam sale to my shame. Later I might light the fire and stick on a Christmas horror movie. Also got a cold coming on, the backs of my knees are aching massively. Seems to always be a symptom to me, wife thinks I’m mad.

Cinema - Paddington 2 and some horrorfest that appealed to Mrs Z. No dinner plans yet as I’m still full from my cheese and pickle waffle earlier.

Still think portal is as close to a perfect game as they come.

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Gonna head back out to the Christmas market with some m9s and visit our old local. Got a pretty good mulled wine jacket on rn.

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