Friday night

Let’s talk about something else.

How are you? Good week?
What are your weekend plans?

had a half hour while my wife is teaching a dance lesson so made a song about a dickhead


Managed to fit in some exercise today.

Can’t stop thinking about mackerel since someone posted a photo of their dinner last night so just had some deliveroo’d over like rockerfeller. Going to have it for breakfast, like sort of kedgeree. Basically going to bed ASAP just so breakfast will come around sooner.

I was in waitrose magazine today :laughing:


Week was slow as shite. I’ve got so much to do at work but just can’t get my brain in fear to do anything sensible.

Seeing some friends over the weekend, might have to work a bit, want to take my new running shoes for a spin too.

Nice! What were you in the magazine for?

can’t believe you were in the 'trose mag <3

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Top picks of what to do in Manchester. My tours, not me


I’m to blame for the mackerel. Hope you enjoy it.

It’s still really sunny but freezing here. It was sunny but snowing at the same time ffs.

Got a pizza in the oven then going to buy some booze. Feel quite tired though. We’ll see how it goes I guess.


Your rice looked super tasty too. Haven’t stopped thinking about it

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Thanks! It was loosely based on this (I used brown rice instead of pilau, twice the amount of garlic and twice the amount of curry powder which made it EXTREMELY salty along with the mackerel. Will ease off on that next time)




Had Thai takeaway and now can’t move. If someone could please bring my Ben and Jerry’s straight to my hand and maybe feed me the first few spoonfuls to get me started, I’d really appreciate it.

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  • cracked a beer
  • takeaway planned (most likely SFPP, small chance of fried chicken)
  • gonna watch KONG SKULL ISLAND
  • ordered some cocktail gadgets
  • seeing @Witches tomorrow

steady now

Successfully assembled a new chair for the living room, relatively painless bar a ten minute or so period where I wanted to chuck the fucking thing in the river.

Masterchef final cancelled because of you know what, so that’s my other evening plans ruined. Probably best to get pizza or something to make up for it.

Evening all!

I’ve had quite a successful/ productive day today - posted some games I sold on ebay, had a haircut (pictures to come in the selfie thread once I find it), got my car fixed, changed a wiper blade, played some DS3 and cooked a cottage pie (see below) that The Child ate without much argument.


Ice cream van has just been round, despite it being about 5 degrees and drizzling.

Disappointed she wasn’t fully equipped to do the dessert pots, so had to settle for a cone with strawberry sauce.

I’m far too full for anything like that.

Well… as long as I don’t have to do anything

Given that nothing is on telly wise then I guess we’ll be watching something netflix. Maybe a film??

Going to have a wine, but only have half bottle left, so maybe a prosecco and be asleep by ten…:muscle:

Indian ordered…expected delivery in half hour. We will see.

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Just got asked if the dishwasher is clean or dirty by someone standing next to said dishwasher and while I’m in another room, but apparently I’m the dickhead for not knowing.

Relationships, eh

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