Local Indian, some alcohol (lots) and probably a bit (lots) of crying.


In the city for my first bit of socialising in a year.

My new flat is 20 seconds from a kebaby. Fucks sake


Like the only kebaby in town

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I’ve had a Kebaby in Ibiza.

As I’m back south side with Jackson I’m going to get a Chinese takeaway from a place I haven’t had food from in years, use to live this place. Let’s hope it’s as good as I remember.
Apart from that just hanging out wi Jackson :relaxed:


:fish: & :fries: for dinner

Pub and gig with @grievoustim in a bit



listening to Judy Collins before my football team gets pummelled by the TVs football team. got some ppl coming round tomorrow so need to tidy… stuff.

JBs soul food

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Used to love sitting in JBs soul food and watching the world go by. Full of characters. Hope its still going strong

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Evening all!

Friday is always my most tiring teaching day. I’m already quite bored of having this cast.

We had a sweet potato and bean curry for tea that was adequate.

We might watch a film tonight.

Way beyond tired. Very long and draining week. Jus Rol pizza and some beers now I think.

Shattered and I’m at work for 5am tomorrow

Evening all. Having takeaway curry for tea then I’m going to attempt to make a small batch of tomato sauce from the box of ones I’ve picked in the greenhouse.

Might get the tape measure out and figure out what bedroom storage boxes I want, if you know what I mean

Gearing up for the putting bairns to bed rigmarole. Probably nachos for dinner as we had a big lunch - wee shop round the corner was slim pickings for Doritos, in fact it was very bare for loads of stuff; fucking Brexit.

Probably a couple of cans in front of the telly.

Got to drive the bairn to his swimming at Glasgow uni tomorrow about 1-2. Any Glasgow folks know if the roads are going to be chaos because of all these orange bastards polluting the streets or should I be able to avoid it mostly as I’m going straight to west end?

Hello :wave:

Got some food on the way and we’re going to watch the Matrix 2 because new Matrix will be out at some point so might as well watch the first lot, eh? AYE.

Really hungry, really looking forward to food.

Those fuckkng cretins walk through Patrick so bear that in mind. I’m
South side so won’t have to deal with them.

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Lentil and mushroom lasagne just in the oven. Been off the booze so dunno whether to drink or not, have missed it which is annoying me.

Evening all.

I don’t know what kebaby is and I feel we’ve come too far for me to ask now.

I’m celebrating releasing more ambient nonsense into a world that was not exactly starved of ambient nonsense by drinking many pints/cocktails. Already at the dancing to Genie In A Bottle stage of drunk and it’s not even 7pm. Doesn’t bode well.

Got ginger beer pulled pork in the slow cooker for when we get back. Has pulled pork come back round to being cool again yet? I’ve no idea.

Hope you’re all well you lovely lot.

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Pretty sure road closures are on council website or something somewhere.

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