Friday night!

Thank fuck. We made it. How are you all?

#SFPP here (making a change from our usual #SSPP because we’re out tomorrow night), plus Sing!

What’s for dinner? What’s going on tonight? Happy weekend :partying_face:


Everyone else who is in the house and staying here are all having some form of smelly fish so this is being counteracted when I’ve put the lad to bed with some form of massive curry that I am going to obnoxiously eat. Yes I could just go in the kitchen and be quiet but, I’m in a mood and feel like being a dick.

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Evening! Plans are currently uncertain - we were going to go on a walk with some pals but it looks a bit miserable out so we might end up at ours with drinks and boardgames, which probably means a takeaway of some sort

Tired out. Made the famous TikTok pasta for tea and it is very nice. Gonna drink beer and watch Gilmore Girls until bedtime.

Was going to take a photo of my vegan cheeseburger pizza but it’s been eaten.

Fucking go on Uber eats.


Ok friends bailed so we’re going to the pub

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Feels like this week has been about 12 days long


Had a tapioca pancake for dinner. Got absolutely wrecked last night slightly by accident, and then went to a Japanese bath/spa as a late birthday present with a brutal hangover. Simultaneously the best and worst place to be with a hangover.

I’m watching Love is Blind Brazil and wishing I was watching something else :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


just did a fantastic jigsaw with some DiSers, it’s made me happy


Oetker mushroom pizza

Got to go and collect V in a bit. Then it’s wine and telly.

Off to a brewery. Since I’ve started pre gaming early, need to stay on the light lagers. If I go for the sludge could get ugly. Stay tuned!

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Oh, this is awkward, we’re closed and I’m at home now, sorry.

I’m assuming you left the key under the mat. I’ll be sure to close up.


Just leave enough beer for my breakfast on Monday.

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It is not funny that people have been cutting Paul’s front bush.

Ah imagine if @neilyoung came to the UK :pray:


This I unfortunately could never guarantee.

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