Friday night

Let’s make it a cracker. Thankful again to the wide and lovely community of dis for bringing me out of my funk earlier this week.

Having duck pancakes for tea and prawn crackers.

Might pop a beer.


gonna buy some wine!


yes :+1:

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last night of isolation. wooooooooooooooooooooooooo :grinning: :+1:
gonna make some food, drink some berr/wine and listen to records. currently got patti smith playing.


Hello. Very long tiring week, got southern fried chicken wraps, chips n onion rings for tea and a good supply of beer though. Feeling a bit blue tbh but not quite sure why.

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Going to a show, marginal apprehension due to covid and that my ex is playing. It’ll be fine. Yep.


Alright? Had a Tesco Finest pizza. They’re really quite good but I could eat about five of them.

Just had an accidental snooze on the sofa.

Got some pizza in. Got some beers in. Going to watch Hellraiser.


In between eating some of those orange daim bars I’m gonna put ma sweet bambinos to bed and then drink some wine lol teeheehee

Another night of doing very little and not seeing anyone. A whole weekend of not seeing anyone probably. Fun times DiS, fun times.


On the emergency frozen pizzas for dinner.

Ended up with a shitload of milk in the fridge so might have a hot choc later.

Feeling a bit meh cos dark evenings and shit weather.

Could always bath in it


Been watching training videos for hours. Currently learning how to use Tableau. I don’t have access to Tableau. Down to the last half an hour at least. :sleeping:

Applied for a job earlier and having massive anxiety that the application is complete shite, has really obvious mistakes, is really badly written or I’ve uploaded the wrong thing.

  • I get this too
  • Just you mate

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My anxiety is such that my cv and stuff are labelled so fastidiously I can’t possibly fuck it up (but reader- He did fuck it up often)


I get so nervous and my attention span is so awful that proof reading the whole thing is largely impossible.

14 days since I’ve last had a cigarette. Don’t miss them honestly.


they do look cool, but they’re a big racket really


Good stuff my man. I went the best part of a year and had one recently and didn’t enjoy it in the slightest.