Friday night

For @shes_so_high

I already posted my dinner in the daily thread. Sorry

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Thank you!

I was waiting to post my dinner update! :laughing: (Your fish and chips look great and I’m v jealous of @grievoustim’s Local Indian delivery).

After eating misery dinners for the last few days (last night was toast!) I have made falafel for dinner tonight and am about to eat that. I have also bought ingredients for the next two nights’ dinners too AND I went to the launderette so a very productive day for me.


Ahoy hoy.

Cooking butternut squash and sage risotto. Listening to my 2022 playlist which is already getting hefty. Been low key hungover today, so not going to go big tonight and want to be in bed at a reasonable time


Made steak sandwiches and homemade rosemary & garlic fries for tea. Used half a tiger loaf for each sandwich and it was impossible to eat cause I wasn’t thinking and cut it the wrong way, but still delicious.

Gonna drink some Perlenbachers and watch some Simpsons I think.


My plaice was truly ridiculous. I only managed about half of it. The cats are very grateful for me not finishing my dinner.

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Got something called a Billionaires Yumnut for pudding.

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So God damn tasty

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They look good! Went on a snack run at your gaff before doing the sensible shopping at Lidl.

Real dangerous game that


Yeah but I’m a sucker for that jalapeño and sour cream snack mix!


The dry January takeover is over


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Quite want to go to bed

Evening all!

I had a pretty productive day including an eye test, a brief visit to work and a small pile of marking.

Tea was a version of the carrot and halloumi burgers recipe I’m always posting here.

The hob we’ve been waiting on a repair for has been written off so we need to choose a new one, but we’re getting our fuse box upgraded in ten days so could technically upgrade to a better hob if we wait. We also need to choose some new doors for the house.

We’ll be watching a film tonight although currently undecided if we’re watching Another Round or The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife or whatever it is.


There’s no shame in it.

You don’t know what I’ve got in mind


That looks absolutely fantastic.

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It was once I’d dismantled it!

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Had pizza, watching Mad Men s2.