Friday Night


Should I get chips with my Chinese curry (alongside egg fried rice)?

  • Chips
  • No chips

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Le Friday Nightoioi


Are we going with this one then? Hello

Well I’m never starting a thread again!



Went for my outdoor pint

The sun had already ducked behind the buildings and it was quite breezy and chilly and a bit of a disappointing experience in all honesty.

Picked up some fried chicken from the place next door to scran on the train though.

Just rolling into the fine town city of Wolverhampton to watch the Wolves beat Leeds.

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On the Jarl


How are we pronouncing that?

Having a cremant. Will make prawn pasta.

I’m rewatching sex and the city for the 100th time and I’m on season 3 which if you’re an Aidan girl you know is hard to watch :broken_heart: Carrie is such a prick, but I still love her so much. It’s very confusing.



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Evening! Girlfriend is out seeing some friends so I’m at home drinking beer and playing games, maybe a bit pissed though which isn’t ideal for <7PM

Didn’t get chips, no.

i don’t have a problem with chips with everything tbh, but it’s not to my taste to have them with chinese

Yeah I know what you mean. I like them because they’re usually very good but very much not a part of the Chinese meal imo.

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As of today, Sunrise has been over 12 hours after sunset in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s vitamin D season, baby!


Didn’t get the house we bid for so it’s a very despondent and depressed night at the Funkhouse. Having this for tea

and some free beer. Gonna watch true crime tv till bedtime and try not to just curl up in a miserable ball.


Red Nose Day is now annual, not biennial

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I already thought it was annual


Coco Cola

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Don’t know if it’s the oil or what but I really like the chips from the Chinese and the salt and pepper chips are just sublime.