Friday night

Fish and chips for dinner, gig in a church later


Picnic time has passed. Gnome’s found a husky and I’m necking sours


Anyway, today was a good day. The dentist’s earlier was probably my best trip to the dentist in at least fifteen years. Do dentists ever say you’re doing a good job?

Then I booked a last minute afternoon off, which is surely the best afternoon off. I did my computer repairs, and I’m chuffed that they worked first time (after a sleepless night last night where I was worried that I might fry the whole machine), then I went stand up paddle boarding.

And the tonight I’m off to see Ulrich Schnauss in a church


Very tired, very glad it’s Friday. Got dauphinois and sausages in the oven and a load of beer so I’m set for the evening.



rating quite highly on the IRKED scale right now so i’ve ordered myself a vegan pizza :pizza: going to take some will power not to crack a beer tonight but i’ll only feel terrible tomorrow so better not. maybe i’ll pick some AFs. what are the (widely available) good ones? :beer:

probably go to bed early and then lay awake half the night worrying about all the stuff i have to do tomorrow :+1:

Whenever anyone on here references sours I assume they mean the apple or cherry variety




Off to the pool. Then gonna have beer and tiger bread

Yeah, that crossed my mind as I posted too. In this case it was some unreasonably priced beer, although cherry was involved. Perhaps more in name than flavour.

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Alriiiiiight mates

Having yesterday’s pasta bake for dinner, made a big one so it might just last THREE days altogether.

Taking the evening off from watching films etc for work, just sitting down with Taika Waititi’s new pirate show (was reminded of it by the pirate thread, obviously). I’m in a weird mood for various reasons so hoping it will be well good and cheer me up! :pirate_flag: :parrot: :anchor:

M&S pizza for tea. Pretty pissed. Might just get twatted and have an early night.

Probably one for the dating thread but just saying let’s hang out is ok even if you’ve got no intention of dating isn’t it?
It’s been a while


Went to Marks’s and got one of those Indian takeaway meal box things, so that’s all in the oven currently.

Gonna drink some Guinness and watch the telly for the rest of the evening.

Err i would take that as ‘lets hang out and see how it goes if things go good it could lead to dating and that’

So if you mean that fine but if youre pretty sure you’ll not want to date in the near future, id try mention that as nicely as possible

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Last time someone said ‘let’s hang out’ to me lead to me being married for 7.5 years* so watch out.


Well I’m still married so that can’t actually happen



Just chilling tonight. Should be out at a friend’s leaving do but covid has fucked that up.
Might read a short story and watch a film. Guess I should cook something at some point too :man_shrugging:

My favourite is Brooklyn Beer Special Effects. 4-pack in Waitrose is usually £4ish.

These lads



Sorry if that wasn’t clear but i’m also married. Thanks though, I’m flattered.

I’ll mention that on the hang?

Going to eat ice cream and have an early night. In that order.

My pizza went weird

Yes, the oven does need cleaning. No, I’m not going to.