Friday night

I thought I might see you this afternoon when I wandered past the Basketmakers, but if you went SUPing then in fact I think I saw you coming up the beach at Rottingdean.

(I promise I’m not just creepin’ on you Rob)


Evening! Had a very good baby scan afternoon and enjoyed the sun very much - home now with a couple of beers and no plans but perhaps some bangers and food.


Heeeeeeeyyyyyy!!! Pop! Fizzy wine is open and I am on the sofa. That’s me for the next six hours.


Ha, yeah, that could have been me at Rottingdean. Around 4.30-ish? Beer was off the menu at lunchtime so that I had a clear head and a steady hand for PC repairs

Looks like a rolled up jonny

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I’ve got a fish burrito and sp fries coming, got some nice beer, catching up on MAFSA


Gonna watch Masterchef, drink beer, and fall asleep on the sofa. Banging.

Best of both worlds


I will say fancy beers have very nice labels

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Mine did and then gave me an extortionate bill.

Bright green beer wanker

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But they might not want to just hang if its not going anywhere

Omg, this pub is full on dog heaven. Just met a really shy rescue dog who likes treats and had my hands bitten off by Mr Chubs, a 6 month old fluffy lad. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Funnily enough I did stick my dick in it


Had some nice ones with cats on the other day


Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet

Plus I have a drawer dedicated to nice cans I don’t want to get rid of yet


Mine is NHS, so I got charged £23.80 for the pleasure

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Watching Bad Vegsn

Yep, about 4:30. Nice day for it!

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Bao buns will be arriving by half 7, gonna watch Turning Red then either more Twin Peaks orrrr a horror probs

Cracking a beer … now. Been a good day! Summed myself reading at lunch and after work, and got some very fun weekend plans ahead. Plus finally gonna have my turntable set up and ready to spin some vinyls :notes: