Friday night

Solo parenting and lazy take away dinner is very late. Making me and the kids tetchy.

Also suspect the two doses of tonsillitis I’ve had in the last wee while are not finished with. Worrying things happening in my throat and face, fed up wae it. Meant to be going to the pub to watch the game tomorrow too.

Think the dog has just been sick.

Hope your evenings are less shite than mine.

Friday night wooo. Gonna have a beer I think, wife’s off out for tea so I’m having solo piz and coleslaw. Can’t wait. Watch some trashy film or something


Still working. Finish this job in less than two weeks and have the Fear/Guilts about leaving any shit for colleagues to deal with, so trying to get as much resolved as I can. Mr B has taken the kids out, I am sacrificing quality nap opportunities for this shite.

Just phoned takeaway. Apparently they were at my door and no-one answered. Absolute nonsense. I’ve got a ring doorbell so i can fucking check. Fucking furious.

Going over to a pal’s for dinner and Catan

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Dunno whether takeaway probs shouldn’t have eaten outs loads this week and have some gnocchi

3rd day of covid isolation with the tv and the kiddo. This is pretty rough.

This. I love the competitiveness this game brings out in people.

@shinymcshine I hope that your weekend is able to turn around. Keep resting.

I’ve got my daughter this weekend, so I’m sure that she will want to go and stay at the pool non stop. I think she’s a fish. Then probably record music all day Sunday.


Beer open, Go! Team playing

This’ll do, who needs plans anyway


Supermarket piz or takeaway

meeting a friend tonight for some food and drinks. looking forward to seeing her as we ain’t caught up in ages but i’m pretty shattered, been on the go since 4:30 this morn.


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Staying here for the weekend

Apparently used to be owned by the guy who founded ninja tunes :grinning:



Did a BBQ for tea.

So nice to have a garden that gets the sun in the evening. Bit windy though.

Might have a cider in a bit

Did you check? Were they there?

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Stir fry for dinner, now drinking a tasty Beavertown blood orange beer / cloudy Lemonade shandy.

No plans for tonight. The weather is significantly worse than the forecast so I can’t be bothered to find out if anyone is about

Worn out. Worked late cause of a tour, now waiting for dauphinois to cook for tea (with stuffing-crusted pork steaks). Got a beer on the go which is nice, can’t get carried away though, early start tomorrow and all that.

Nope. There is another street with a similar name to mine in our town. They had been there apparently. Cause checking a post code is so fucking basic apparently.

Never mind I’ve inhaled it all now. About to get the most screamy wean in bed so should be able to relax a little bit shortly.


Having a weekend off the sauce and got no plans because I’m trying to save money and I am bored already. When’s Corrie on? (I know really)