Friday night

Considering watching a film you’d approve of tonight

Going to an art show tonight, which always makes me feel very cool to say out loud


What is it?

I have The Square on now, no way does this need to be 2 and a half hours

The Square was fun! Loved the condom tug o war

And Cache

oh finally taking the plunge! enjoy (you will)

Only promised you I’d watch it, what, 2 years ago?

In some way it’ll be even more of a pay off if your response is ‘it’s alright’

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@profk got the proper stuff, not the Argentina brew

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I liked The Square a lot, it does have a certain pace to it though. Hope you enjoy!

Some other thoughts on it I’ll keep to myself while you are still watching it.


Would you mind showing me the percentage please. I hope you understand sir.

closes Spanish customs window and places hand on pistol holster

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Finishing work a bit late, but that’s because I hopped out for a walk earlier. Just been carefully writing an email to someone whose work I really respect, strange and cool thing to be doing as part of my job!

After dinner I might go and record half an hour of scraping pebbles on the beach for a thing tomorrow, let’s see eh?

On a related note, do any DiSers live in Whitstable?

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starts firing

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Ahh it’s still the fake stuff they’re exporting. Those bastards

Peaches is playing at the Dome. I should have got myself a ticket to that, shouldn’t I?

Really want a trip to North Portugal to drink the real stuff with you

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Proper twatted. Just left the people I was with and gone for a pizza.
Paid the whole bar bill before I left which was €72 despite it being happy hour and €4 a pint.
I did fuck off without paying last night to be fair so I think I’m still up

€4 for a pint of stone dipa was fucking ridiculous



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