Friday Night

Again. You know what to do.

Going out for dinner with Mrs CCB. Trying to decide whether to cycle down or drive. Weather is looking unpredictable. Don’t mind getting caught in it on the way back but not on the way there. We’ll see.

Four day weekend though :tada::tada::tada:


Saw a very good play, forget I quite like the theatre tbh. Laughed a lot

Had a nice little snack meal and tasty mocktail, now home for a lie down and basic oven food and CSI and Sopranos


Evening angels

Might finally put my laundry away, or might continue to hope it evaporates.

Having a wine and some rhubarb crumble.

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Just picked up a local indian



About to put toddler to bed. Might be a bit early but I want to eat the Gü pot in the fridge!!!

Yeah, after that, lovely lovely Gü pot and reading I guess.

What you reading?

I have a zillion options but just got this from the library today…



Kiev, fries and peas for my tea tonight.


Kiev, mini waffs and Branstons for me.

Now going to watch fighting game tournaments all evening. Dunno why.

Back to the hometown for my atd’s wedding tomorrow. Just a groomsman but the best man’s got covid so the other groomsmen have become Better Men. Emotional weekend (even cake in tiers etc). I’m already absolutely filthy drunk.


I’m so goddamn tired. Doing dinner then gonna collapse on the sofa a bit and get an early night.

Going to have steak and chips for dinner

Need to do the washing up first

Cant wait until I’ve got a dishwasher

Evening, had an oven pizza and lying on the sofa watching the cricket. Not sure what to do, maybe some Zelda

just want to be happy for a while it really shouldn’t be difficult

Went to the dentist earlier. First time in 20 years. Didn’t need any work done and he said my teeth were “very well maintained” which means maybe I’ll talk to people without subconsciously covering my mouth with my hand now. Going to celebrate with fizzy drinks, sweets, cigarettes etc.


God damn that was great


Nice Friday! I plucked up the courage to ask my exercise mate out for a coffee after the class and we had a good ol’ natter :women_with_bunny_ears:

Just went to yoga which is just laying on the ground in like 3 positions over the course of an hour

Now it’s time for another episode of And Just Like That and a salad for Girl Dinner™


Alright. Had our anniversary dinner tonight. Cooked

Rump steak with chimichurri sauce
Mushrooms cooked in butter and garlic then wilted spinach through it
Airfried potatoes done in garlic powder, Cajun and mixed herbs

Totally banging.

Beers and TV and…