Friday Night 🥳

Alright? Long day/week but now I am officially on holiday for 10 days so that’s nice. Making southern fried chicken & halloumi burgers for tea and going to drink some cask beer and watch The Office until bedtime. What’s on?


Just had a cask beer which can already feel the gurgle.
Now on train en route to home town with some train beers, it’s pretty noisy, reading Shuggie Bain

Eating a succulent chinese meal and watching below deck. Trying to convince my mum and brother to watch RRR after work, haven’t told them it’s 3hrs long


Looking forward to a quiet weekend with some books and maybe the sexy tennis film.

Hope everybody’s as psyched as I am by the FTSE 100 closing on a record high today!

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It flies by tbf to it

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Couple of beers. Finished my last full week at work, last day on Tuesday. Bloody marvellous. Made a Brazilian stroganoff and now gonna watch a film or something when kiddo’s gone to sleep.

Evening all :wave:

Stressful day but it’s over. Going to make Ben Ben noodles for dinner. And Mrs CCB has made a nettle and dandelion loaf! Very tasty.


Beer garden pint(s)


Quite cold


OG bairn ran into someone at school and split his eyebrow so no TKD for him tonight.

Got him a mcdonalds as a late lunch so I’m not really hungry the now. Will get the weans in bed and maybe nip out for pakora, beer and some lego for him. No swimming for him tomorrow, so a very empty weekend lies ahead.

Very tired and my neck is still fucking agony, been like this for a week - not sure what the script is.

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Finished work for the (long) weekend. Back on Wednesday.

Pasta bake for tea.

Not much going on tbh.

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Going to a double bill of Dredd (2012) and Dredd (1995).

There will be pints before I get to Dredd (1995).


Double Dredder


Evening all!

Decent day of weather here and I took an hour out to watch The Child do a performance this morning.

Work was adequate and I made a slightly improvised version of the Dishoom chickpea chole which was delicious. I served it with a big pile of raita and samosas from the freezer.

No football tonight because there weren’t enough players. I might have a beer once The Child has been put into storage.

Boyfriend coming over tonight. Lots of snuggles, then tomorrow we’re going for lunch with my old uni pal who I haven’t seen in about… Seven years??!

Then we’re going to the opera :face_with_monocle:


Lotta men here on their own. My people.

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That’s me in West Yorkshire

My sister has moved just over the border into North Yorkshire so is posh now

Hello one and all :wave:

Today I went and did my first day at the co working space in town that I’m using now. Very nice place, people are lovely.

Came home and was gonna take Her Indoors out to a nice restaurant and sip wine and have nibbles of olives and a main with complex flavours and whathaveyou, but we ended up having spontaneous sex and now we’re too snoozy and warm to get up and put clothes on and go out so we’ve ordered delicious Nando’s and we gonna watch something comforting :blush:

Have a very nice evening all :black_heart:



Made a banging tomato, chilli and garlic pasta thing. Had it with some sugar snap peas, salad leaves and ciabatta.

Got some beers and gonna have a shower in a bit. Watching some Blue Lights.