Friday night's alright for crying and drinking to forget

alright lads/ladettes

today i’ve felt like i do when i get dumped. the worst kind of listlessness and sadness and anger and confusion. just been watching Hunger Games movies (x2 so far) and catching up on Masterchef. early night for sure. what are yous up to?

also, does anyone have any recommendations for charming coastal places in the Highlands that are not too expensive to stay in, easy to get to from Inverness via public transport but feels fairly remote, and have nice scenic views of the sea?


Yeah at my work Xmas party and def drowning my sorrows/trying forget the shit show.

Hope everyone is ok.

going to my mate’s for a house gig. not really in the party mood but I’ll get some hugs off nice friends.

evening pervo,

yeah today i’ve just kinda been feeling numb. still feeling pretty crappy but gonna sink a few drinks and see what’s what.

Plockton is a gorgeous wee place, and if you can check out the applecross inn, gorgeous food.


Evening all.

Really regretting not installing RE:2 last night like I’d meant to. It’s gonna take bloody ages.

On Heineken and eating breaded chicken sandwiches as in times of stress I basically become a student again.

Hope you’re all coping as well as you can guys.

Got dauphinois in the oven, gonna make pork steaks with a stuffing crust and watch trashy TV. Thought Mrs F would still be crushingly upset (she is to a degree, obv) but it turns out she had like an hour long joint rant with my dad on the phone earlier and got it out of her system a bit :slightly_smiling_face:


MrS just asked if I am still angry. YES I AM

Going to Indian takeaway and wine, try not to argue with people on idiot book who are like it’s not good Vs evil etc

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was thinking earlier this morning that I haven’t felt this bad since I got my heart broken 10 years ago. sorry you’ve had a bad one too


@Witches is from that part of Scotland.

Replying to @imaperv

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Hammering pints with my GF, listening to a choir, pretty good.

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I went for a walk and did some music making (forgot how therapeutic it can be). Mainly it for today tbh. Glad I didnt have to go to work (though none of my colleagues are tories).

Friday pizza is still go

Hi everyone.

I’ve spent the past couple of hours trying to learn how to play this because there’s something about Mark Hollis’ voice that reconnects me with the humanity in people. Much needed after the past 24 hours.

I can’t play piano so it’s been slow going but nice.

Marinating some tempeh for dinner. Drinking a beer. Feeling upset but determined to do positive things.

Hope you’re all ok.


Friday the 13th part 4 feat Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover. Just consumed a curry and now got a nice glass of wine.

TO BE HONEST, I’m in on my own and I wish I wasn’t. I went to the supermarket earlier and there was a bunch of youngers buying boxes of beer obviously on their way out for all kinds of fun, I was well jealous. :expressionless:

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I’m on my way into town to eat nice food and drink wine.

Pretty sure The Child put chocolate icing in my hair before I left.

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I want to chill out with a game but ff12 isnt really my cup of tea, I’m learning

@TheBarbieMovie2023 will have a think and get back to you! :blush:


And if UB40 had stuck with that title they wouldn’t have become the household names they are today

Evening all, finally pulled myself together after a really good hangover and the realisation of what is to come. Potentially a chippy tea if the chippy isn’t rammed and a rewatch of once upon a time in america this evening.

Just found out that one of my best pals and his wife are expecting a baby after 5 years of ivf and burst into proper wailing tears. Really needed something like that to happen :slightly_smiling_face: