Friday night's alright for posting on DiS

Hi! What you all up to?

I AM FREEZING! Going to try for an early night so I can get up in the morning and actually have a wash, I’m 85% dirt at the moment and about 10% blended chicken risotto that bubs threw at me. Makers Markets tomorrow too, and some uni work.

My nightmare neighbours aren’t moving out until the end of Feb now :frowning:

Anything good on TV tonight?

I thought I’d just posted in an evening thread but now I don’t see another one!?


Lying down, waiting the sweet release of… sleep. Classic me on a Friday night.

That was just the day thread, no?

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Oh nvm it was just the regular Friday thread. To summarize: I’m in work, am tired, busy day tomorrow, drinking a v nice grapefruit fizzy drink atm.

That’s all I’ve got.

I like that San Pellegrino lemon and mint drink at the moment - especially if they put a sprig of real mint in too.

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Schooooooools out for Christmas!
Schoooooools out for two weeks!

  • planning to be in bed by 10

Oooohh happy birthday @froglet! :tada::balloon:


Works night out. Could quite easily have stayed sat on the sofa right enough

Went out for a burrito
Then went to DiSmeet for a couple beers
Gonna go home and eat dinner and go to bed by 10


Anglos a Friday evening all! On the top deck of an empty double decker bus on the way to a Christmas party. Might have over compensated on the booze…


Where’s the rest?


On a train, which seems the like the perfect place to escape the limitless squadrons of cunts who have chosen this Friday for their work night out (“look at Darren from marketing’s funny hat!”). I really like Christmas, but the getting hammered with your colleagues bit is proper cringe.

absolutely classic Darren

Back already!? What a loser

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He’s a character. You should see his mug.


Eight tinnies and a bottle of wine not enough do you think?

But, but, but my name is Darren?

Absolutely marmalised.

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