Friday nightttttttt

Whoop! Whoop!

cold outside and I need to go get a pizza :frowning:

Alright tilts, what’s for dinner tonight?

I’m sat on a plane waiting to take off. Went Shake Shack for dinner, not as good as in New York disappointingly. Can’t wait to get home.


Free tea as I’m at a friend’s work canteen! :heart_eyes:


'er indoors is at a winter beer festival for some reason. It’s pissing it down outside. Rather her than me.

Going to order a pizza in a bit and then I’m lying on the sofa from now until Monday.


Of all the takeaways, surely pizza is best delivered rather than collected?

:tropical_fish: & :fries: for us tonight


Hands down it’ll be the best night you can ever remember


Hi. Brian Harvey Special for tea and gonna watch a load of Christmas cookery shows to try and shake this fog off.

well I’m only getting a frozen one unfortunately

Indian takeaway

Then sitting under a blanket.

Happy Friday kids! (Except for those for whom this is not their Friday in which case, have a good Friday when yours comes. )


Getting in out the rain then chicken burger and chips, some wine and some knitting.

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Haha just lost track of what I was looking at and posted ‘le puboi’ on a pub recommendation post on Facebook.

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Have had a craving for Coke zero all day, frustratingly hard to find in a can when you really want to not helped by the local shop being shut for a refurb. The search goes on.

Need to hang a mirror but i don’t have a drill and my attempt to do it manually isn’t going well.

M is currently pulling mooneys in it whilst its propped up at floor level


Evening all!

A student made me some cookies because she passed some assessments.

I finished some missions on MGSV this afternoon.

I made a tin can cassoulet which I improved through the addition of hot dogs - maybe £2.50 for three big portions, then bulked out with some posh sourdough from @rich-t’s corner shop.

Dunno what we’re doing tonight. Is it Children In Need?

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How did you do this please?

Quiz night at our local!


dhal for tea

then I’m gonna read

banging Friday night tbh

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Tactical 4 pinter early doors. May regret

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My partner is working late, so we took le kid to Pizza Express for her dinner as a Friday night treat, thus saving the bloody business, obviously. I’m going to eat, um, something, don’t know what yet, and do some work. I’m annoyingly more productive around this time than in the day at the moment, wasted a lot of daylight hours today.

@plasticniki I had dhal for lunch, otherwise I’d be on the lentil train too. What’s in yours?

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