Friday niiiiiiiiight baby!


We made it! <3



(Just finished re-watching Rick & Morty.)


what’s that?


Amusing animated series on Netflix, and all sorts of things such as that:


cool! Hope it’s not like Family Guy or something though!


Nah, it’s a cut above!

Also made a mean mango mousse cake (unrelated).


Evening Bamnan

Finishing off some work then off to see the Hotelier in Leeds. Gonna make a night of it and stay out and drink lots of rum


So sorry to hear this. Hope you feel better soon.


sounds like fun! You deserve it x


Busy day. Another radiator burst in the house, had an online exam this morning, then band practice, then had work to do.

A new housemate is moving in today and I have to clear a load of my mate’s stuff out of her room because I am lashing a gin and juice into me and listening to Fuck Buttons LOUDLY.


Cheers, I think I do too!


Jesus that is hectic!


In bird culture this is considered a dick move…


it’s nothing like it, even though a few people (pretend glares) said it reminds them of it.


Going to be listening to this awesome record in a minute

It’s really great guys!


First track is one of the best things Wayne Coyne’s ever done, imo.


Only 10:36 am here!

Had a loooong conversation with my dad to hear about his sacking this morning. Possible case for unfair dismissal based on how his HR have mishandled things. But at the same time, he’s acting like it’s a witch-hunt, but you don’t start a witch-hunt to sack a straight white male unless there are other issues (is what I didn’t say to him).
My mum was less than impressed - they still haven’t sorted a divorce settlement, so this throws a huge spanner in those works.


That’s not hard!


Should I get a take away?

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  • Yes
  • No


It never stops Bam!