Heard this today, pretty sure it’ll be a @Funkhouser favourite.

going to sit, watch telly, drink some g and t and be asleep by ten i’d imagine.

how bouts u hun?

nothing to see here

just at a pizza courtesy of herr doktor. in a weird limbo atm where I kinda wanna play some vidya but am a bit too tired to do so.


still smashing?


GFs mates coming round for board games. Sudden bout of cba, but I’m sure it’ll be right.
Had gnocchi with mushrooms in a blue cheese & garlic sauce for tea :100:


aye. few games a night at least with my housemate. don’t really wanna know how many hours i’ve racked up on it since release tbh

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might get back into the single player sometime, that was pretty fun!


the answer is approx 110 hours. jesus.


wow, you racked that up pretty quick!

Wonder what my most played game on steam is…


got bored of the campaign tbh. might go back to it but can’t foresee any time soon


lol it’s FFXII, 125 hours!

That was all one playthrough too. Ridiculous

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nice. think the most i’ve ever had was battlefield 2 at about 700 hours back when Xfire was a thing.


holy moly that’s a lot

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Absolute banger! :musical_note: Get a grip come on hold it together it’s only a sun shower we’ve been through worse weather like… Fuck! I used to know all that bit and now I’m old and it’s been replaced in my brain by something else!

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sorry @moderators can me merge?


…Ahem. Good evening Slicky and all ye merry evening folk.

Just been sleeping for …4 uours???




i enjoyed our mutual NITE


Just wrote out and deleted a really long rant, but to summarise;
Was walking home, really upset, trying not to cry, an utter anus of a man went “you look really fed up love” so I pointed at the bottle of wine in my hand and my sad face and went “YEAH, OBVIOUSLY I AM MATE” and then he acted like it was me who was the dickhead ohmygod I hate men