Friday... No thread?

Here goes!

My mind immediately played the Adam Buxton Ramble Chat song

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Was literally about to press and thought nah I’ll check quickly cos I bet some one else has done it

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Hungover. But looks like a quiet work day ahead.

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Got up an hour and a half early because someone scheduled an 8am call with me, which then didn’t happen because my laptop switched itself off twice during the time the call was supposed to be :upside_down_face:


Shittest night in a long while. Kiddo made herself sick, I couldn’t sleep and managed to nod off around 4.30. on a late again tonight. Weekend off though

Going for an eye test today. Can’t wait.

On a teams meeting from 8:30 - 14:30 :sleeping:

Already been at work for an hour. Got a fucking load of things to do :frowning:
Misty one this morning


The birds are being very loud today. Fuck off, birds.

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I’m going to pick up my glasses in a bit. It’s the first time I’ve needed glasses, both parents have poor eyesight and I work on a computer all day, so I’m surprised it took this long.

My nephews 10000 steps a day for July challenge to raise money for his children’s ward is still going strong. Yesterday he was featured in a local paper, which is also online. Someone from Singapore who we have no idea who they are sponsored him £100.


woke up to the upstairs neighbor yelling and swearing at his wife(?). Most nights they are quite loud at 10.30 which isn’t that late but I’m usually drifting off by then as I’m up at 5.50 each morning.

Thinking about slipping a polite note under their door, but don’t expect them to really care

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Omg just realised I never finished the world Cup of Bread hahahahaha

I have one on Monday - not looking forward to the eye test part, am looking forward to the part where I get new glasses though

They’ve asked me to choose my glasses in advance which is a lot of pressure as I want to be able to try them on. That is majorly stressing me out.

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Actually, DiS… can you pick out two nice pairs of specs for me please?