Friday oh Friday

Failed wordle so far today, things will pick up. Painting a ceiling while listening to stuff, so that’s OK. Maybe a pastry later.
You folk?



Dog woke early so I’m up and watching homes under the hammer in an effort to not get morose about news. It has a surprisingly lovely lot of backing tracks.

V has requested vegie bacon and eggs for breakfast bit obviously will not be up for several hours. Hungry already tbh.


I was just thinking about going to get some fake bacon, now I’m thinking about it even more

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Morning :wave:

Woke up early wondering what had happened in Ukraine overnight even though I was doomscrolling until gone 1am last night. It’s just so awful.

Trying to calculate how much work I need to do before I can set myself to busy and play Elden Ring for the rest of the day.

Technically got a job interview to do this afternoon but it was purely to keep a recruiter sweet so I am fully prepared to bomb it.


I did a cookery class last night, run by the charity Migrateful. The classes are delivered by refugees and migrants, with the aim of aiding integration and access to employment.

Anyway, Moroccan food:

Got loads of leftovers in the fridge. I’d be amazed if they last until 10am.


Another day, another positive test



Morning all!

I have been looking forward to an evening at the ballet tonight since the start of January so was quite disappointed to learn that Wor Lass had booked us a babysitter for tomorrow night.

I’m at work until early afternoon so stay tuned to see if we’ve been able to call in favours that I’ll be contractually obliged to pay back or if I’ve offered tickets to friends with the good sense not to have children.

Yeah, I’m in a brilliant mood and I haven’t even joined my meeting to discuss my reflections on the new management structure.

:+1: off to Big Thief later, will keep an eye out for any forum favs
:-1: have left myself loads of work to do, so can’t clock off early or have a chill pre gig Friday. Ah well

And now, we coffee

Was meant to be in the office but decided to WFH to get those extra few mins of precious, precious sleep.

Off to see my mummy and daddy this weekend

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Feeling rough, which is a pity as it looks like a lovely morning for a dog walk or a bike.

Might do another latty flow if I can summon the energy to get off the sofa

Morning feel awful. Done an LFT and it’s negative also feels more like a hangover but I had 2 pints at lunch and a pint of cider at Big Thief so it wasn’t like I was close to being remotely pissed.

So grateful to be working from home today. Going to have a nap at lunch.

Trying to catch up on work that’s been severely disrupted by house viewings and wedding prep this week. Listening to Eddie Kendricks now though, trying to put on a brave face.

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Hello, today is my wedding day here in sunny(ish) Portugal



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oh the major cause of work stress has been put off to Monday - result! Now (hopefully) can still have a really productive chunk of work, but finish early and properly get into weekend mode

Going to a national trust property for a garden mooch. Got some washing on the line, exciting.


Morning DiS :blush:

Finding it SO hard to wake up at the moment. Sat in bed with a cupotea.

Got no plans this evening! So going to relaaaaaxxxx and watch hellbender on shudder. Yeaaaaah!

Doing too many things tomorrow tho, haha.

Vintage fair
Go through to Glasgow for ballet
Dinner in Glasgow
Get train back
Pass out.


Oh, it’s less than a week before my trip to Glasgow! First time out of Ireland since November 2019!

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Was meant to be going to Manchester for the sure shot launch at port street tonight but I’m tired and can’t be arsed.
Loads of work to do, can’t be arsed
Going to a gig tomorrow, don’t know who it is or where they’re playing, can’t be arsed.
Dodgy shoulders playing up it hurts, can’t be arsed

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