Friday oh Friday

On the WhatsApp group one of the lads has got to film himself eating 2 quarter pounders, 20 nuggets, large fries and a large milkshake in one sitting by CoP tomorrow otherwise he gets a month ban

This I’m here for. Can be arsed


Lucky him, great order.

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Said I felt sick when I had 5 chicken selects and a cheeseburger the other week and he said that he could smash the order above.
Decided to hold him to it because I’m tired and fed up.

Still testing positive and feeling negative about it


Stood behind a couple at Big Thief last night where the guy faced the stage and the woman had her back to the stage and faced the guy, the entire time. Some Oasis wannabes next to me chain smoked the entire time just to be like oooo loook at us arent we bad and they groaned whenever it was a slow song…most of the time. Very quickly remembered why large standing gigs are awful. The sound was niiiiice though, and the 3mms of Adrianne’s head I spotted for a microsecond looked nice too.

Kippers for breakfast :yum:


Lot of vape smokers last night. Can you just not.

Yeah, these were like Camel reds or something horrendous. People.

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I wanted rest last night but when I’m tired, I’m an incredibly active sleeper! So I was up and about, talking a lot, serving someone in a shop it sounded like according to my bf, so I’m shattered still.

Final dress fitting tomorrow :flushed:


Sympathy like

I’ve had it up to here with isolation now

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Nice day down here. Got my car back too. Might have a bit of work to do shortly unfortunately but other than that it’s alright so far.

FAO of @ma0sm


Have an amazing day x


Haircut, Ranjits for lunch, Big Thief

(7am train tomorrow is looming in the distance)


Aaaah this is exciting :sparkles:

gonna sound a bit dorky but made a new friend at work of late, so they’re coming over for dinner, crashing in spare room, and then with me and A we’re all gonna head to the Dürer exhibition in national gallery which i’m really hyped for/about.

On Sunday gonna be a big board games day i reckon, with some cooking of nut roast inbetween.


This isn’t dorky this is lovely. I want to be your new work friend!


it doesn’t happen too often - the company is too big now and i’m wary of being mates with people which would then get awkward if i have to manage/be within range of managing them BUT this person is in a totally separate bit of the company, and through a staff pub outing we realised we have a shit ton in common. they met A shortly after that on another evening out, and got on like a house on fire. so it’s pretty cool!

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Aw, that’s very cool. It’s so nice when you meet a new friend that you have loads in common with. It feels a bit rare the older you get without uni where you’re constantly meeting new people. Newness is so exciting!! :heart:

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Dank u!

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Have to play Elden Ring today, please spare a thought for me