Friday One Hour* Banal

* approx

Does your local train station do stuff like this? Tbf to Cambridge station, they do occasionally raise a smile. But this one is pretty poor

Any other business? You have until just after 5.30pm.

That’s absolutely torturous. I haven’t seen anything like it in Cambridge North but I’ve only been in it four times.

I am currently trying to update my home address at work. I have not yet figured out how.

My local tube station usually has inspirational quotes. Rather deeply terribly puns than those.

:fireworks: Cambridge North :fireworks: isn’t so bad. They’re generally just getting their heads shaved for Macmillan or collecting toys for the Foodbank. Ely is at it though.

Nothing like that at Brighton station, but every other café / pub has that kind of stuff

I have found the form!

It needs to go to my local HR rep. I don’t know who that is and the org chart is extremely unhelpful. At least this is killing Friday afternoon time.

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I’ve spent several hours today trying to upload updated figures in response to a referee report but the publishers have changed how things are uploaded and PDFS ARE BROKEN. How do you break a fucking pdf, for fucks sake.

Don’t see that shite here, primarily because Ireland does not have any train stations.

Patent office documents need to be uploaded in a very specific kind of pdf document or things break. For example, if you use the wrong kind of pdf converter, chemical structures can show up as black boxes.

I learned this the very, very hard way.

Whenever I see these in my tube stations I simply don’t read them. I just can’t face that kind of pep, be it morning or evening.

The PDF style hasn’t changed - we’ve uploaded hundreds of figures like this before - it’s their upload system and they’ve got a big :warning: sign on their homepage saying ‘sorry we broke it lol’


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I get the bus M9.

Jsut wondering, when abbreviating Tuesday are people opting for:

  • Tue
  • Tues

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Thinking of switching to 'sday


Yeah, I agree in that respect but think I tend to put Tues anyway. Might do the same for Thurs too.

I’m trying to find the pic of the time I added

- Albert Einstein (or maybe Marilyn Monroe)

to one of those rubbish inspirational quotes

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mond, tues, wedn, thur, frid, satu, sund




Frid I’m In Lov


Good lord no

Ordered Eggs Benedict in a posh hotel in Philadelphia on a work trip. It came with a load of fresh fruit on the same plate. I had to make a sacrificial melon breakwater to stop the strawberries getting covered in egg yolk :nauseated_face:

Anyway, that breakfast cost $47