Friday One Hour* Banal

dgaf, wasn’t me paying

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I love my IKEA pocket sprung mattress but it was £600 or some nonsense.

Springs > Substance > anything by Electronic > Pottsy


I’m getting loads of targeted ads (Simba, Eve, others) atm with like, 100 days try before you buy. You can probably squeeze 18 months of freebies before committing

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The faff of having a new mattress delivered to your house every three months though

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Would be a bit worried that I’d be getting one that has 99 days worth of someone else’s spunk soaked into it.

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see! it’s a baller move.

Worries: confirmed

I don’t believe you/them

then you’ll have excellent sleep, and can you put a price on your health, denzy?

Just go ikea, have slept on two different ikea ones (different beds, didn’t have to replace one) and they are perfectly fine and I have slept much better than on the ancient one that I was using before.

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Also, probably no one will talk to you in ikea so no chance of getting upsold unnecessarily. And you can get a strawberry tart in the restaurant while you are there.


I actually do Thurs so it’s be

Monda, Tuesd, Wedne, Thurs, Frida, Satur, Sunda


Monda to rhyme with Honda

this is the Frida banal content I’m here for


I went for the second cheapest Ikea one. Firm for my room and medium for for Jnr (she has the cheapest). Both comfy. Mine has a padded top not memory foam because I hate that but some sort of squishy thing.

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Frida Kahloday


How do you send them back? Aren’t those mail order ones all compressed when they deliver them to you?

Brexit Turmoil.

Love that word. Turmoil. Not Brexit.

~14 mins until I leave work, walk home, grab a few tasty beers on the way, quick bite to eat, then back out for a museum late night thing

actually think walking home from work is one of my favourite parts of the day as long as the weater’s all right

  • listen to a podcast
  • not too long and all downhill
  • get to look forward to dinner and chilling out