Friday party time thread



What are you up to this weekend? I need to clean my flat, and also I’m gonna watch a tonne of World Series baseball. hbu?


Last day of working at my client’s office today then I’m flying back home tomorrow. I’ve been in Switzerland since before the pound crashed earlier this month and the exchange rate is killing me, as if this country isn’t expensive enough, but as long as we keep screwing up Brexit until I get paid it’ll even out a bit.

Was really craving pie after Bake Off a few weeks ago so husband is making me one for when I get home tomorrow


Sleep and eat pizza.
Then I dunno.


hey man. going over to my friends tonight for well overdue catch up. curry and ales planned for tonight. gonna crash at his gaff, have a jazz swim in the sea first thing, then help him with some decorating shiz for a few hours.

considering sleeping in a tent in his garden tonight. very mild down here at the moment. not camped much this year, which is a shame.

not much else planned, tbh. just the way I like it. possible pub quiz Sunday night. we’ll see…

have a great day/weekend all


jury duty all done and dusted bud?


Yo. King Lear tonight then up north tomorrow for John Carpenter. All sounds pretty good, just need to get through today first!


Yeah man, after 4 hours 15 minutes of deliberation the jury found him not guilty (blurred potential trigger here-) of rape by a majority verdict of 10-2.


Going to my grandmas tonight. Have some omelette cobs.

Tomorrow picking up some furniture, then few boys are heading over before we have a birthday work night out. Couple of the guys are losing their mind over girls so that’ll be hilarious, might just make it my task to wind them both up til they storm out.

Sunday: no plans aside from football


fuck dude. that is some heavy shit. guess in a ideal world, you’d like to get a relatively victim-less crime, like a diamond heist or some shit

jesus man. I really don’t think I’d have the mental fortitude to deal with stuff like that. I’d be thinking about it for months and months and getting myself in a right mental twist


Woo! FRIDAY! Today I am going to proof read the FUCK out of some documents!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to play the FUCK out of some nerdy cards, in the middle of the actual Fens!

Sunday I am going to do the square root of FUCK all!



Yeah man, as ‘interesting’ as it’s been seeing the ‘justice’ system at work… it’s been an eye opener… and whichever way the verdicts went - one party is going to be unhappy.

The thing thats been getting to me is the old thing of you can’t prove the guilt… so it’s not guilty… any bit of doubt… its not guilty etc. No wonder so many trials of this type come away with a not guilty verdict.

Then you’ve got the attitudes/opinions of the other jurors :sweat:


Just saw a pigeon get squashed by a bus. Fairly bleak start to the day.

Going to have a pretty quiet weekend on account of being broke as a cunt. might try and get out for a nice long walk though, and maybe eat a pizza.


ooof. horrible. still, I assume it was over pretty quick? one minute pecking at the 3 week old McDonalds bun, then boom! gone.

poor cunt could possibly become carrion for other birds though, I guess. the circle of life, right there


To be totally frank with you, man. This pigeon was in a bad way and just stood there waiting to get hit. Pretty dark.


Going to rearrange my pedal board. Gonna go to the buffycore thing at dsfl tomoz


oh right. aye, not so cool. pigeons get a fucking hard time, don’t they. I champion the pigeon myself.

I remember spending my whole hour lunch break trying to free some cord that had got caught around the leg of a pigeon. it was very clear that the inevitable result was gonna be the loss of a foot, after weeks, or months, of slow, excruciating pain. dark times



Decided to be virtuous and start work early this morning. Three cups of tea later I’m regretting this heavily.


That’s my pal’s event/band. Enjoy!


Yeah sorry @everyone


It combines my two main interests so hopefully I will