Friday pptftsb - Power Pop!

The Jellyfish thread has inspired me to start a Power Pop thread - it seems like the best music on a sunny day to me

A couple to get us started

The drummer of Silver Sun came to my wedding. What a name drop!

You don’t even know his name.

I do, it’s Richard. Although of the people at my wedding he is in the 10% I knew the least, just above my wife’s boss.

Hang on that’s my name.

What’s going on here?

Would love to see the spreadsheet some time though.

It gives you so many options. Richard. Rich. Richie, Chardo.

Yeah…and saps.

The best of all.

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guys can you all stop posting about @anon29812515 's wedding and start posting some songs with jangly guitars and harmonies?


You want to see the photos? No problem.

Theo can you split us off a separate thread about Lonzy’s wedding and variations on the name Richard please?


First song played at Balonz’s wedding

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