Friday properfootballisback thread





Koeman is turning out to be a bit of a cunt, huh. well, a right fucking cunt, tbf.

some of the shit he’s been spurting recently is incendiary as fuck, to say the least


such as?


saying Rom will only get better when he plays for a bigger club (true, but not something you should say, imo)

bigging up Liverpool time and time again - including suggesting they are favourites to win the league (again, weird thing to say in public, just think these thoughts ffs)

other stuff


Utd v Arsenal tomorrow.

Will Wenger get one over on Jose for the first time. Think Jose might chin a player if we lose.


It’s going to be a draw I reckon.

Know anywhere in Manchester city centre that’ll be showing it and not full of cunts?


Thought he’d said liverpool could win it but didn’t want them to?

At least he hasn’t said you aspire to be like Liverpool yet


I normally watch it in O’sheas when i’m in manchester. It’s full of United fans but not rough. Decent pint of Guiness shite pub though.


Too right! Best game of the qeekend tonight


could be really good actually, neither of you have lost for ages. Reckon Brighton or a draw though


Montpelliers was good. It’s recently rebranded with Kozel as Bouncing Czech, but still owned by Solitas so should be pretty similar, with maybe a worse selection of beers.


Not wrong about anything he’s said, is he?

Supporters get so weirdly precious about what a guy who will be at their club for at best three years says about their status and long term prospects. Then wonder why most post match interviews are so dull.


Going to Villa v Brighton tonight, first game in years! As a Villa fan in the Brighton end i’m kinda hoping for a score draw, keeps Steve Bruce’s unbeaten run going, and the local resident in me happy!

Looking forward to some Colin Calderwood bants.

  • Jordan Pickford (home vs. Hull)
  • Tom Heaton (away vs. WBA)

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Wrong thread dickhead no fantasy chat


Preemptively saying before tomorrow - so fucking glad the international break is over.

Is it weird to go to away games on your own? Probably not but I’ve never done it before, though that’s the plan for tomorrow.


fair point, well made


Nah, do what you want mate


CC’s back to where he belongs!


The Rochester noise scene?