Friday (quick!)

I’m waiting for breakfast!


I’m also listening to the Jorja Smith Blue Note track and it’s excellent.


Finally someone starts a daily thread!

Nothing of interest to report here.


Having coffee and some sourdough toast.

Yet again trying to work out why someone would text at gone 12am with something vaguely boring and innocuous (but a question) - and then fall asleep and not answer in the morning…why is social interaction so difficult.

Today I need to decide whether to take a room in a shared house in SW London. The rent is very cheap for London (£350pm) as the landlord has never put the rent up since owning the property. All the new lockdown rules are making this decision much more anxiety-ridden than it should be and I’d be leaving a studio flat I have to myself that’s 60 seconds walk from the seafront, pretty nice setup for lockdown

I would however pretty much cut my monthly outgoings in half by moving to London, which is a sentence nobody has ever said before in the history of humankind. obviously cheap rent + shared bills is a big £££ saver

I can just about afford to stay put but it’s a stretch and I’m basically surviving by being a hermit, although thats a familiar tale for 2020 for a lot of us

what would you do??

  • stay by the sea solo dolo
  • take the cheap rent in lockdown city

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Windows update from hell. 40 mins in and it’s 23% complete. Had a really busy day of work lined up and all. Ffs.

Hospital day :tada:

Child free this evening; but also still on the wagon. Might cinema.

My girlfriend just popped out for bacon butties.

I very nearly just gave a retweet without checking the author. It was a mail online journalist. I feel dirty.

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do you need to be in ldn? has the pandemic affected the amount of commuting you do? in this climate i’d be saying if you have at all the opportunity get as far away from ldn as possible. are you in brighton right now? that sounds far better ngl.


Managed to get a cuddle in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Weekend begins! Day off! W00t

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awww yay :slight_smile:

Doing an online shop so a friend can collect it and bring it to our house tomorrow. Will watch a film or something tonight I guess. Feel a bit bunged up but that’s not a symptom is it.

Also we’re out of booze, except for spirits. Might have to get a care package from the wanker beer shop dropped off

Reckon the sea/countryside is the best possible place to be mh wise atm. Obviously if its a real struggle financially then move but what are you realistically going to be spending the extra ££ on in tier 2 London atm


Downstairs neighbour’s boyfriend is a tit. Can’t stand him.


morning all :wave:

reasonably quiet day at work lined up today, apart from clusters of meetings at lunchtime and right at the end of the day. ffs.

super super tired too, probably shouldn’t have stayed up late last night playing Sonic 2 for the gazillionth time…

Breakfast detritus from a bacon and potato scone roll and a flat white. None of it was that good but it might have convinced me to go to the gym.

I will probably do some work today to assuage my dread for Monday.


Don’t need to be in London, but was working there a lot before Covid; Covid has shut down a lot of the work I was doing previously. Commuting non-existent atm as working from home.

With most people I’d know this means he’s a fool but I’m trying to work out if you mean he’s an actual bird.


Do you think anyone would notice if I downloaded the Spotify desktop app on my work laptop despite us being told not to do so? CBF streaming music at 160kbs anymore.

Got a load of shite to do atm. Not bothered

What tittery is he engaging in?

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