Friday (quick!)

That is annoying! What was his excuse for his half arsery?

Rubbish, I fiddle with the bottom bits (oo eer) to get the pressure up all the time.

I’m comfortable re-pressurising it, so long as that gnome shows me her youtube video, but it doesn’t need that yet, I checked the other day.

I think we might need to replace the shower fitting tbh. It’s a bar shower, I have looked into it, but I’m very scared of measuring it incorrectly.

ok i may have over done it last night, just started greetin whilst listening to tom waits. :thinking:

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If you know what you’re doing then fine, if you don’t its really not a good idea… Safety first!

Watch a couple of YouTube vids and you are good to go.

Yeah, who needs a gas safe engineer when you have youtube!

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@Gnometorious, if you’re trying to talk to me, please come downstairs instead of shouting, when I can barely hear you. Please ignore if you were shouting at someone else.


Can’t do it incorrectly if you never do it at all, eh! :wink: Smart!

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Why dont you go upstairs m8?

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I didn’t want to press the matter as he was arsey that i wouldn’t eat the expired meat (he already knows i won’t eat expired meat), but it’ll be that i didn’t tell him to check the dates and i didn’t tell him that when he offered to cook for me, i thought he meant that he would cook for me.

Have literally only drunk 1 coffee and no other liquid today.

Need to hyrdate before :beer:

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Have you considered throwing the whole man away?
Srsly tho, is he a baby? Why should you have to tell him basic stuff like to check dates?

He has no right being arsey with you and if he gets arsey every time he’s a dick, to the extent that you don’t feel you can discuss things properly with him, he’s being a manipulative shit.

It has crossed my mind

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I’m hard at work here, pal.

Hey, I’m working here


bit done by this, sorry.



I hope you’ve had some wayer in the 8 minutes since this post.

get a webcam to broadcast the window on your monitor

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